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And the Earth Shook

The dogs barked around four a.m. Their persistence awoke me, gently. Quieting suddenly, the house began to shake. Not a hysterical shake or a seizing fit, but a deep and distant trepidation lasting for minutes. “It’s your first earthquake baby,” I said as we drifted back to sleep.

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The Fu

Next up was a trip further south to the world-famous Futaleufu river (a.k.a the Fu); home of hands down the best rafting in South America. With long stretches of rapid-filled, turquoise waters, it’s a natural paradise. Rafting is just the beginning; test your hand at fly-fishing, mountain bike through the temperate rainforest, gallop along the riverbank on horseback, and watch the stars from the riverside hot tub. The best part is you’ll share this wilderness playground with Patagonian cowboys, self-sustaining homesteaders, the birds, and very, very few other lucky souls. We’ve found the best guides on the river, luxury camping that will make you never want to leave, and a team of people that elevate a trip to Patagonia’s river country into a life-changing experience. Seriously people, who’s ready for the trip of a lifetime.


When one decides to start an adventure travel company it’s not because they envision spending sixty hours a week staring at a computer. Researching, calling, emailing, circling back, requesting quotes, revising, crunching numbers, crunching again, doing data analysis, until the day arrives that you realize you haven’t walked outside, left the desk or changed out of your pajamas and it’s ten o’clock…in the evening. And that’s when it’s time to hit the road.

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