Shoulder Season or High Season: When is the Best Time of Year for Your Trip to Patagonia?

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Covering the southern-most areas of both Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is an incredible, out-of-this-world experience whenever you’re able to visit, and a region where you’ll be privy to some truly special features unique to each season. Patagonian springtime brings about the beautiful wildflower blooms and milder winds; their summers are full of warmer weather and longer days to spend out on the trails; and the fall brings with it striking color transformations and a quiet from fewer travelers. With each season having its own distinct benefits, your trip to Patagonia can be personalized to either shoulder season or high season to make it your own custom-crafted South American adventure.

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Patagonia’s Shoulder Season vs. High Season

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Springtime in Patagonia corresponds with North America’s fall, with the best spring-turning-summer months to visit being November and early December. Travellers during this time of year will get to witness the plants and flowers along the trails blooming across the landscapes, giving your excursions brighter sceneries throughout the region. You’ll also be able to see the sights accompanied by milder winds than summer’s, which can make for a more comfortable outing. Along with the pleasant wildflowers and climate, you can also be some of the first visitors to the must-see spots in the parks. You’ll see temperatures during the day in the upper 50s°F and continuing to get warmer the later in the year you visit. The end of November and beginning of December can be a great time to travel to Patagonia and to feel like you’re witnessing your own private Patagonian awakening.


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As you begin to plan your trip to Patagonia, traveling during South America’s summer months is likely to be what is most often suggested. December through February is summer in Patagonia and is most definitely a gorgeous and fulfilling time of year to visit. However, as they are some of the nicest months weather-wise, they are also some of the busiest: after about December 20th, Patagonia gets into its high season, with the majority of its yearly visitors coming between December and February. With temperatures typically in the 60s°F and longer days in the sun, these months are great if warm weather and more time out on the trails are two of your biggest factors.


Shoulder Season Patagonia Colors Patagonia Glacier Shoulder Season     Patagonia Mountain Shoulder Season


The fall months to visit Patagonia are typically March and April, at the end of summer’s popularity but before the winter weather sets in. This time of year can be magical, as the lenga trees turn vibrant reds and golds, affecting the region’s landscapes with a firelight glow throughout. Temperatures can be a bit cooler, but during the earlier weeks of fall they average in the 50s°F. Much like spring, there is a sense of quiet on the trails due to it being a shoulder season; you’ll see a noticeable decline in the amount of visitors after February. For a Patagonian journey that pairs a time of year that’s as tranquil as the surroundings are wild, these fall months make for a magnificent time to visit.


Seasonality is certainly something to take into consideration as you build your itinerary to Patagonia, and knowing the differences between Patagonia’s high season and shoulder seasons can help you know which time of year would be the best for your personal trip there. If you have any questions about the Patagonian region or any of its seasonal benefits, call Knowmad Adventures today to get more of an insider’s perspective on the region!

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