2015 in Review(s): What Traveler’s Are Saying About Their South American Adventures

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In 2015 we helped a record number of travelers do everything from visit the southernmost city in the world to tread lightly on paths first forged in 1438 AD and everything in-between. We grew this past year, not only in size but in perspective as well. This year more than ever, we continue to learn from and are unbelievably grateful for each and every Knowmad traveler.

We’re happy to report our travelers’ had a great year too. Here are a few anecdotes from folks that filled out our post-trip survey…

  • 90% of travelers said their Trip Specialist’s attention to detail was “excellent” and/or “very good.”
  • 96% of travelers claimed they had the “trip of a lifetime” or they “can’t stop taking about” their trip!
  • 100% of travelers noted that they are either a “raving Knowmad evangelist,” their overall satisfaction “exceeded expectations” and/or they are a “satisfied Knowmad!”

And aside from our survey, we have received many kind sentiments about our travelers’ South American adventures. Reading these notes is truly what inspires us to do what we do every day. Thanks Knowmad Adventurers!


Words From Our Knowmad Travelers

Custom Peru Trip

“Thank you so much for all of your help! Our trip was perfect. It couldn’t have been any better!”
Brittany, St.Louis Park, MN
Custom Peru Trip

Best Attractions in Patagonia

“We had a great time. It may be the most enjoyable and least stressful vacation that we have ever taken. We remarked several times during the trip about how smooth everything that your firm arranged and went and how good the guides were. The guides showed up when they were supposed to which made getting through airports and in and out of hotels very easy. Also, they were very knowledgable about both the areas that we were touring and Chilean history. We enjoyed talking with them almost as much as the scenery. The hotels that you booked us in were great and same for the restaurants recommended by the guides. I cannot think of a single glitch on your firm’s part and we would not hesitate to use Knowmad Adventures again for another trip.”
Jim, Chattanooga, TN
Custom Chile Trip

Custom Ecuador Trip Knowmad

“It was an excellent trip with many aspects we never would of thought to incorporate, thanks for your vast knowledge!”
Colby, Denver, CO
Custom Ecuador + The Galapagos Islands Trip

Custom Peru Trip Knowmad Adventures

“Thank you to you, Jordan and Tara, for creating a great company that brings us into this type of experience with people and land so far away. Thank you, Renee, for providing the coordination and detail work on this trip for our group. The logistics were set up in such a way that we could focus on what we were doing and who we were with and have no worries about the details of the next day. It kept us in the “presence” of our travel. So many times, in awe, I said to myself, “This is nothing like anyplace I have ever been before.” And, it is that feeling that keeps me traveling to new places.”
Mary, Northfield, MN
Custom Peru Trip

Custom Peru Adventure

“My husband and I had a trip of a lifetime and are recommending Knowmad Adventures to everyone!.. 

…We were treated exceptionally well throughout the trip. Each accommodation had it’s own special offering and beautiful people who graciously shared their culture while treating us to the best that Peru has to offer. The commitment to sustainability throughout the trip was apparent and vital to preserving the area which was another important factor that made the experience that much better…

…Knowmad Adventures succeeded in making us travelers, not tourists and I am very grateful for that.”

– Hannah, Exceslior, MN
Custom Inca Trail + Beyond


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