Picture Perfect: The Photojojo Phone Lens for Travel

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A photo can take an ordinary moment and make it an extraordinary piece of your personal story. It’s not that undocumented memories are any less important, but life has a way of moving from one event to another without pausing to stop, therefore just the action of standing still and taking a photo reminds us to appreciate our experiences no matter how simple they may be.

Knowmad Adventurers Tara and Renee just returned from a trip to Ecuador where they were inundated with new experiences, smells, tastes, people and places. They found that one of the best ways to take it all in and reflect upon their adventure afterwards was to simply take photos on their iPhone. The photo quality and ability to micro focus could have been a potential problem with that method, but fortunately the two brought a Photojojo Iris 3 Lens Set with them, which allowed them to easily switch between three different lenses and take better photos.

Knowmad Adventures Photojojo

This photo of Quito, taken with the Photojojo fisheye lense from the rooftop terrace of Casa Gongotena, evokes such powerful memories for me. Ecuador was actually the first country I ever traveled to in South America, now over ten years ago. The summer after graduating from college my friend and I took a couple months before entering the “real world” to backpack (or travel with just a backpack for luggage, staying in hostels and using public transportation) around Ecuador and Peru. The trip was transformational and spurred me to make my real world all about travel, later founding Knowmad Adventures with my husband to help enable other to have such life-changing journeys as well.    

  • Tara Harvey, Knowmad Adventures Co-Founder & Operations Specialist


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