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We are so excited to introduce the newest member of the Knowmad Adventures team – welcome Molly Stern! Molly is a Minnesota native who has always been curious about other countries and cultures. After living in Costa Rica for a semester in college she was inspired to make travel a big part of her life and traveled to Venezuela, Peru and more. Today she aims to “take [her] passion for adventures and create meaningful international experiences” for others.

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Click the following link to read Molly’s full bio and learn more about Knowmad’s new South America Traveler Services & Operations pro. We get the answers to some fun questions about Molly and learn her best kept travel secret below…

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What are a few of your favorite items from abroad?

The best things I’ve acquired from my time abroad are first and foremost the friendships. If we’re talking souvenirs, I absolutely love picking out earrings when I’m traveling in South America and seeing all the artisanry. I typically get all the women in my family a pair of earrings or jewelry when I travel.


What’s one thing you have to have in your carry-on?

A journal. In such a fast-paced, always on the go, type culture, I find that when my only job is just to sit in an airport terminal or on a plane for hours, it’s a great time to do some writing.


What’s the first thing you pack?

My mom’s voice is always in my head when I start to pack, reminding me to count the days I’ll be traveling and put in as many “undergarments” as I’ll need.


What is one item you never remember to pack?

Floss, which becomes a must-buy at the airport. Fairly often, I forget to pack my toothbrush because with those early morning flights, I zombie style brush my teeth before going to the airport and put it back in its usual place without thinking.


What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten abroad?

Tacos Nopales or Cactus Tacos is probably one of the more exotic things I’ve eaten that my host family in Mexico made from the cacti that grew in front of their home.


Best kept travel secret… Plans are important to have, but flexibility opens you up to adventure.


­Describe yourself in 5 words Creative. Driven. Empathetic. Curious. Fun-loving.


3 things you love & 3 things you hate…


  • Time with my family
  • Riding my bike at night
  • Surprise happy endings


  • Cotton balls
  • Centipedes
  • Slivers


Pick one or the other Hot or Cold | Coffee or Tea | East or West (Northeast Minneapolis, my neighborhood!) | Books or Movies | Beer or Wine | Early Bird or Night Owl | Spring or Fall | Cake or Pie | Write or Type | Sand or Snow Silver or Gold | Crushed or Cubed | Fruits or Vegetables | Scrambled or FriedAntique or New | Cats or Dogs | Sunrise or Sunset | Pen or Pencil | Adventurous or Cautious | Call or Text | Truth or Dare | Stripes or Solids


What is your favorite weekend getaway?

“Up North” is always literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air for my family. We love getting up to Duluth, MN or even further north towards Canada. I always feel a bit more like myself in the Northwoods, next to Lake Superior.


If you were to be born in another era, which would it be?

I’d love to witness the 1920s, but likely would’ve become a nun given the status of women during the time.


If you could speak every language or play every instrument, what would you choose?

Play every instrument; music breaks any language barrier in my mind.


What is your favorite movie?

Currently the Mexican film, Instructions Not Included.


What is your favorite after work activity?

Playing with my favorite little one-year-old boy at the neighborhood park, but if we’re talking adult activities, biking to a happy hour that includes nachos during the beautiful Minnesota summers is a solid second!


What is your favorite Minneapolis lake?

Lake Harriet wins my vote.


What is your favorite cocktail/drink?

Lately, I love trying out all the locally brewed craft beers.


Abrazos, Molly

South America Travel - Knowmad Adventures - Molly SternMolly works in Traveler Services at Knowmad Adventures, a company dedicated to creating unique, private and custom trips in South America. She has spent time studying, living and traveling throughout Latin America and loves being apart of helping travelers have meaningful, unforgettable trips. Read Molly’s biography and more about the Knowmad team.