Jordan’s Staff Pick Itinerary: Awe-inspiring 8-Day Brazil Beach Trip

Hidden Beaches of Brazil Trip

Craving sunshine? See why Jordan absolutely loves our Hidden Beaches of Brazil: Costa Verde + Rio de Janeiro trip (hint: hidden beach paradises). 

I’m a sucker for contrasts, have always had a fascination with hidden beach paradises that feel untouched by modern times, and love meeting locals with inspiring stories. Which is why I absolutely love and am proud of our recently published sample trip flow, Hidden Beaches of Brazil. In just 8 days, this Brazil beach trip has you experiencing vibrant culture and dynamic scenery, meandering the cobblestone streets of hidden Paraty, and going totally off the map to the remote deserted beaches of Mamanguá, all before feeling the electric pulse of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil Beach Trip Hidden Gem Towns

Why I love it Deserted beaches that are way off the beaten path, a sleepy colonial town as charming as any I’ve ever experienced, and views of Copacabana Beach and Sugarloaf Mountain all in a shorter trip and with a smooth flow not involving too much travel.

Personalized Brazil Beach Trip

Pinch me momentLaying in a hammock after an incredible local, fresh-catch dinner and a strong caipirinha at the no-frills but perfect Refúgio Mamanguá, which is deep in a remote tropical fjord, the stars started to pop in a layered way I can’t remember ever seeing before. Waves lapped the beach and everything slowed down in a way it hadn’t the entire year.

Knowmad Adventures Custom Brazil Trip

Favorite local character Motoring to the end of the fjord, my partner Douglas and I embarked by canoe through a series of natural river canals in the mangroves to a spot where we moored the canoes. A short hike on foot took us to a series of waterfalls in an incredibly lush forest where we could swim and enjoy a natural waterslide. Another short hike from here took us inland, where a local fishermen’s family has lived a quiet and solitary life for generations. They produced timeless fare that when combined with the moment and place, just can’t be touched for all the Michelin stars in the world. Asking Doña Gracinha, the matriarch, where the bathroom was, she pointed vaguely in a direction. I poked about a bit with no luck, and she happened upon me as I was staring confounded into some sort of broom closet. Our eyes met, she tried to keep a straight face, and then we both erupted in laughter and she gave me a hearty slap on the back before showing me to the facilities.

Top Brazil Beach Hotels

Where you lay your head This trip starts out after a gorgeous road trip in Paraty. Here you’ve got the incredibly nice yet totally cozy and unpretentious Pousada Literária. Then you go off the map and stay in a remote fjord where you have Refúgio Mamanguá. This is the kind of place that evokes my inner Indiana Jones, feeling like I’m the lucky discoverer of lost worlds. A small project and with only generator-supported electricity, this place is comfortable in its basic-ness. Owners on-site are incredible people who will make you feel like you’re the only people in the world, and you’ll feel like it too, this disconnected. In Rio, huge views from stylish rooms in Janeiro hotel situated on Ipanema beach and a walk to Copacabana.

Custom Brazil Beach Tour

In a perfect world I love this Brazil beach trip with one additional night in Refúgio Mamanguá, to be able to do the awesome ‘mini sugarloaf’ hike across the fjord, canoe the mangroves, and also to have a day to just laze about. It’s also really cool to add a few nights in the Pantanal to spot jaguars and other incredible wildlife.

All of our trip ideas are intended to be used as planning tools or building blocks for a hand-crafted, custom itinerary that perfectly fits your travel style and interests. Reach out to our award-winning Knowmad Trip Specialists today to plan your perfect Brazil beach trip.


Hidden Beaches of Brazil: Costa Verde + Rio de JanEIro Overview

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Experience Brazil’s vibrant culture and dynamic scenery as you meander the cobblestone streets of Paraty, swap stories with local fishermen in the remote village of Mamanaguá, discover secret coves and deserted beaches, and visit the famed Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro.


A colonial port town nestled in lush coastal mountains known for its rich history, impeccably maintained architecture, and access to little-known deserted beaches and coves.


Enjoy total serenity in this secluded tropical fjord bound by towering mountains and dense forest.


A vibrant and energetic city with views unlike any other atop the famed Sugarloaf Mountain.

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