Monthly Archives: February 2011

Parting Shots: South America

South America

  These fantastic nature shots by Knowmad travelers Wendy and Jay are in the running for the 2011 Knowmad Photo Contest. If you’ve traveled with us send in a few of your favorites from South America and you will be eligible to win!

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Gastronomy: Merken

Merken - Spice from Chile

Merken is a spice found in Chile, South America. It’s made primarily of a long, pointed chili pepper called “aji”, or “cacho de cabra” in local dialect, and coriander. However, it’s surprisingly not that spicy.

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Lake Minnetonka Magazine

A big thank you to our friends at Lake Minnetonka Magazine for featuring us in their February issue. To read the article request a copy of the magazine here.

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