Staff Pick Itinerary: Machu Picchu + Galapagos Islands Tour

Peru and Galapagos Combo Tour

One of my favorite types of trips to plan is what we at Knowmad affectionately call a “combo trip”, where we pair two countries together so that our travelers can get the most out of their adventure to South America. I specialize in travel in both Peru and Ecuador, and pairing these countries together makes for such a wonderful combo trip, not just because they are neighbors, but because of how they compliment each other. In one trip you can walk along paths taken by Incans, dine with local community members as they teach you about their traditions, see the famed Machu Picchu, snorkel with sea lions, stand amongst the giant Galapagos tortoises, and so much more. Joining both the beautiful culture and majesty of the Incas of Peru with the stunning architecture of Quito and surreal closeness to the wildlife in the Galapagos Islands is most certainly a recipe for an awe-inspiring adventure to South America.

Knowmad’s Machu Picchu and Galapagos Trip is planned out to make sure you get to see the amazing sites that give these countries their fame, but also the special, little-known spots that can really make an adventure unique. You begin with several days in Peru’s Sacred Valley, one of my favorite places in all of South America. You’ll explore the beautiful Andes mountains here, visiting with a local indigenous community, seeing an ancient Incan laboratory where they discovered the effects of growing crops at different altitudes, and see the salt pans that are still being used by the locals for harvesting and selling salt today before heading off to Machu Picchu. You’ll have a true, full day to discover the Lost City of the Incas before continuing on to Cusco the next day, stopping at an authentic colonial-era hacienda along the way. Enjoy Cusco for a day before flying to Quito to begin the Ecuador portion of your trip.

Peru Trip Planner

You’ll spend your first full day in Ecuador exploring Quito, marveling at the beautiful architecture and history of the city before visiting the equator to see the effects of standing in the middle of the Earth. The next day you travel to the Galapagos Islands for a 5-day/4-night luxury Ocean Spray cruise that takes you throughout the islands and gets you up-close-and-personal with the incredible wildlife. Soak in the magnificence of the Galapagos Islands’ flora and fauna as you sail from island to island before heading back to Quito and flying home.

Galapagos Islands Trip Planner

Combo trips are really special because they are usually long enough in length – about a week in each country at least – so that travelers can really enjoy a few different destinations in both countries, and also because they allow travelers to experience a variety of activities at an ideal pace while on their adventure. And this Peru & Ecuador combo itinerary is a perfect demonstration of how to do a combo trip, as it has you staying at fantastic accommodations, meeting incredible people, and soaking in the beauty of two of South America’s most fascinating countries every step of the way.


Machu Picchu + Galapagos Islands TOUR Overview


From $7,660 – 14 Days

Venture to Peru’s incredible Sacred Valley to experience traditional Peruvian culture. Next head to Aguas Calientes, the town below Machu Picchu, and discover the Lost City of the Incas. Afterward, continue on to Cusco to explore this stunning city. Fly to the Quito next and stand on the center of the Earth before traveling to the Galapagos Islands to discover the magnificence of the local flora and fauna.

Lima – 1 Night

Peru’s capital city, and a focal point for innovative Peruvian cuisine.

Sacred Valley – 2 Nights

With sweeping views of majestic mountains and authentic Peruvian culture, the Sacred Valley is one of the most special places to explore in Peru.


Incredible and awe-inspiring, Machu Picchu is an extraordinary part of Peru’s culture and history. The Lost City of the Incas holds a particular majesty.

Cusco – 2 Nights

The city where it all comes together with pre-Inca, Inca, colonial, and modern society, Cusco is perfect for exploring with a guide or independently.

Quito – 2 Nights

The first UNESCO world heritage site in the world, Quito hosts Mitad del Mundo, the spot where you can stand over the center of the Earth, along with picturesque plazas and charming architecture.

Ocean Spray Cruise – 4 Nights

Marvel at the incredible wildlife of the Galapagos Islands as you walk amongst giant Galapagos tortoises, watch blue-footed boobies dance, spot iguanas and more.


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For a detailed trip itinerary, information on pricing, and more about traveling to Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands, head over to our Machu Picchu + Galapagos Trip Itinerary — my personal staff pick.


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