When is the best time to visit Peru?


Great question!

Most trips to Peru take place in the Andean highlands, being that that is where Machu Picchu is located. Throughout the year the average temperature there is in the mid-50s °F (10-12 °C) and does not fluctuate greatly (see chart below). Evenings are cooler. There are primarily two seasons: wet and dry. The high season coincides with their dry season from May through October. The low and rainy season (December through March) can also be a greener and less crowded time to visit. Knowmad’s personal favorite time to visit Peru is what we call shoulder season in April. Machu Picchu is still green from the precipitation it’s been receiving the past couple months and it’s not so crowded.

As Peru has three distinct climate zones, if you are interested in combining this trip with a visit to the jungle or the coastal areas please inquire for more weather details.

Prior to your departure, Knowmad will provide you with a detailed pre-trip information packet, which includes a recommended pack list, information about the regions you’ll be visiting, suggested readings, and up-to-date health information including any recommended vaccinations.

(Image sourced via agteca.com)