2011 South America Photo Contest Winners


Of thousands of great images from Knowmad travelers all over South America, check out the winning shots in the categories of Landscape and Scenery, Culture, and Wildlife. Thanks so much to you all for your keen photography and for a fantastic year.
Landscape and Scenery


1st prize: Moai sunset on Easter Island by Katherine Gee. Katherine Gee nabbed this shot while on a Christmas holiday with her family that combined 5 days exploring Easter Island with a week in the Southern Patagonia.


Runner up: Majestic Machu Picchu by Andrew Barrett
We loved this twist on a classic Machu Picchu shot with the leaf in the foreground and Machu Picchu as the background. Andrew nabbed this shot on an active Peru adventure with friends.

Runner up: Pure Patagonia by Sam Baker
These are colors only the Patagonia can produce and Sam captured them brilliantly while on a family multisport trip through Patagonia.


1st price: Chicha anyone? by Steve Shirley
Steve and friends were looking to get off the beaten path so their Peruvian guide took them to this colorful watering hole where locals flock for the best chicha in Cusco.

Runner up: Woman and Child by Sam Baker
A talented photographer, Sam couldn’t stop shooting during one of their many lunches that facilitated close contact with local culture and people.

Runner up: Untamed Patagonia by Ann Ryan
The Ryans helped their daughter celebrate her graduation and transition to college by exposing her to the culture and natural beauty of the Patagonia.


1st prize: Solitude by Eric Olson
An elegant guanaco (a camelid native to South America) frames the famed Torres peaks as Eric and his family day hiked through Patagonia’s iconic national park.


Runner up: Small Wonders by Lauren Steinberg
Lauren excellently captured the colors of the Peruvian Amazon with this shot.