Peruvian Textiles

The tradition of producing textiles is still very much alive in the Andes. Their vibrant colors and geometric designs are displayed in every artisan market you’ll find. Not to mention, the traditional garb of which belts, satchels, and skirts are made from these textiles are still worn by native women daily.
They play an important part in defining personal and community identity and are woven (or embroidered) in the same way they have been for thousands of years. Often iconic images of sun gods, the revered llamas and condors, or the Chakana (Incan cross) are depicted.

For foreign visitors it’s an absolute visual feast. Some of the best textiles can be found in the Pisac and Chinchero markets of the Sacred Valley. On the third day of our Classic Machu Picchu Trip we visit the isolated indigenous Amaru community where you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the process of creating these textiles – from shearing the sheep to gathering the plants used in natural dyes to passing the yarn through the loom.