2014 Brazil World Cup Party Inspiration / Caipirinha Recipe

 Brazil capirinha recipe

A couple of years ago, at the end of my study abroad experience in Argentina, I traveled to Rio de Janeiro for 10 days of Brazil beaching bliss. Now, with the World Cup in full swing, I keep catching myself daydreaming about Caipirinhas (Brazil’s national drink), my toes in the sand and the warm ocean air. So, today we are sharing a fun and simple way to bring Brazil home with a simple Caipirinha recipe and World Cup party themed drink flags. 

Brazil truly captured my heart. Everyone there seemed really happy and healthy. Their energy made you want to get up and go! Everyone was either walking, running, biking or working out – they had really nice public work-out stations situated about every half mile on the beach path – it was incredible. Aside from all the active people, the colors were bright and the food fresh; how could you not smile? 

Having that small connection with Brazil and the Knowmad Team having a big connection to South America, we’re pretty excited about this year’s World Cup! In an effort to bring Brazil’s fresh vibe home I’m going to share a super simple way to brighten up any Brazil World Cup party, a Caipirinha recipe and do-it-yourself (DIY) World Cup party drink flags. 

The Caipirinha is made with cachaca (brazilian rum that you can find at your local liquor store), cane sugar and lime… that’s it! 

First squeeze half a lime into your cup, cut into quarters and drop the lime in. Add a teaspoon of sugar, crush and mix with a spoon. Pour in the cachaca and ice. Stir with your World Cup themed cocktail flag and enjoy! 

 Brazil World Cup Drink

World Cup Party Cocktail     World Cup Party - Cocktail Flag

Follow the link for the template to make these DIY World Cup themed drink flags

Brazil World Cup Party Drink

World Cup Party Drink With Limes 

In my experience, this drink was a little strong, so a little extra lime and sugar wouldn’t hurt. Otherwise the flavor is fresh and perfect for summer. Enjoy!

Cheers, Lisa

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