How To Prepare For An International Trip

How to Prepare for an International Trip - Knowmad Adventures

Preparing for a trip of any kind is met with all sorts of excitement and nerves, but preparing for an international trip can be especially challenging. Getting organized well before you depart can help you keep your pre-trip jitters at bay and allow you to spend your time thinking about the fun stuff.

How To Prepare For An International Trip to South America

When I’m getting ready for an international trip it helps me to make a lot of lists and visualize what I’m going to pack. First, I like to create a detailed packing list thinking about the different activities I have planned, how long I will be gone for and what the weather will be like. After that I begin to lay-out what clothes and other items I plan to pack. By doing this I can recognize what I might need to buy and what I need to pair down. Lastly, I zip my folded clothes into packing bags, like these PackIt bags by Eagle Creek, put other items into stuff bags, and place everything in my suitcase like a game of Tetras.

Below I’ve created a printable Knowmad Adventures International Trip Packing List to help you get started.

International Packing List - Knowmad Adventures how to prepare for an international trip - knowmad adventures



A week before I leave I like to back up all the photos on my camera, phone, and iPad. After that I delete all the photos off of each device so I have plenty of space to store new photos. And I always pack an extra memory card (or two or three).

When I’m packing I always slip in an extra small collapsible bag to use on the way home, incase I buy any goodies while I’m abroad.

The night before my trip I fully charge my devices, download or buy a few books, pack my carry-on, and lay out my plane outfit for the next day.

During my travel day I like to keep my passport, plane ticket, one credit card, and a little cash easily accessible at all times. For me, it works best to keep a passport wallet in a small over the shoulder purse so I can efficiently get through security, check my gate, and eventually fill out any necessary custom forms. The Eyerusalem leather passport wallet (shown above in cognac) by Live FashionABLE – a company dedicated to ending poverty through supporting small businesses in Ethopia – is particularly well designed, including separate pockets for cash, a credit card, and your passport.

These simple routines help me stay calm and give me ample time to remember all the little things I might forget, like a toothbrush or my sunglasses!

What packing routines do you have? Is there an item you always seem to forget or wish you would have brought on your last trip?

Don’t forget to click the link and download our helpful Knowmad Adventures International Trip Packing List.


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