South America’s Best Hiking Trips

Is your idea of a South American adventure hiking the Inca Trail or hitting Patagonia’s backcountry by foot? If that’s the case, these South American hiking trips are a great fit for you. Designed with hiking and trekking as a primary component, these active South American travel options offer plenty of time on the trail while also incorporating incredible cultural and adventure opportunities along the way.

Knowmad was born in the spirit of adventure and exploration, and we cater to the independent-minded traveler. Use these suggested itineraries as building blocks to design your own unique itinerary, or work with a Knowmad Trip Specialist to create a custom trip as unique as you are, while taking all the stress out and ensuring an incredible South America trip. Learn more about the custom travel planning process here.

Trek the Inca Trail & Patagonia Trip Ideas


Backpacking in South America

Trips in our Trekking category typically involve multiple nights in the backcountry, although sometimes they do include lodges or lodge upgrades are available. All camping equipment is generally provided, except for sleeping bags that can be rented at a small additional cost. Equipment used is of the highest quality with expedition grade tents, large and comfortable sleeping pads, cook and dining tents in case of weather, and more. We always manage the flow of our treks to avoid any trail crowds that may exist, such as on the Inca Trail. Get more information on why to choose Knowmad for your Inca Trail hiking trip.

How Active Are Knowmad Treks?

Walking Hiking in South America

Most trips in the Trek category involve many hours on foot during a given day and take place in the backcountry, and are therefore rated as ‘vigorous’. Those that are not at elevation and do not involve significant elevation changes may be considered ‘moderate’. Average durations and distances are often provided to help you gauge the difficulty, and we encourage you to email a travel specialist for more information.

Let The Journey Begin

Let the Journey Begin - Knowmad Adventures

Planning a trip to South America might seem a little overwhelming at first. Knowmad offers door-to-door trip planning: first, we listen, and then we help you navigate the seasonal differences and itinerary options, resulting in a holistic, seamless, and custom-crafted experience, all at a guaranteed best value.

The simplest way to get started is to give us a call at 612-315-2894or to fill out this short form so we can learn more about your travel preferences.