Special Interest Group Travel in South America

Whether you’re a university alumni group, a corporate group, a school or student group, an outdoors focused club or organization, an Arboretum or botanical group, or another organization seeking an international travel experience, South America offers a wide array of travel possibilities that can align with your group interest. In addition to delivering a unique travel opportunity incorporating and advancing your group’s focus, offering international travel to your group has many benefits, a few of which are:

  • Strengthen membership affiliation
  • Attract new members
  • Provide additional revenue
  • Have people raving about your organization

Special interest group leaders work directly with a dedicated and knowledgeable Travel Specialist to build the perfect itinerary for their group. Pricing can be structured to include and cover the cost of your group’s liason(s). Knowmad will build a detailed trip packet to disseminate to your group and market the trip, and will field all calls, questions, etc., as well as managing the booking, payment and trip confirmation process.

Upon confirming your group’s South America trip with Knowmad, all participants are sent a detailed Trip Information Packet particular to their trip that answers most pre-departure questions and includes a pack list, pre-departure check list, and more.

We make group travel in South America easy, fun, and fulfilling!

Photographing a Sea Lion

Student Group Travel & Trips in South America

Make the world your classroom. Whether it’s a Spanish language trip, international studies, leadership, history, or anthropology; a trip to South America will indelibly impact students energizing them about the world, how they can impact it, and their future course in life.

Knowmad will work closely with educators to build customized itineraries based on their educational goals and curriculums. Our bilingual guides will give them an insider’s view into their country and make the country come alive while safely guiding their explorations. In addition to expert planning and guiding, parents and educators will be supplied with specific details of the trip, 24-hour emergency contact information, pre-departure information outlining preparations and much more.

Outdoor & Adventure Group Travel

Are you an organizer, leader, or representative of an outdoor or adventure focused group or club looking for exciting new activities to offer your members? Whether you’re with the Boy/Girl Scouts of America or an accomplished yoga teacher with a following, offering a group trip to South America with an itinerary tailored to your group’s interest is a fantastic way to expand and strengthen membership and advance your group’s mission, among many other benefits.

Arboretums/Botanical/PLANT/GARDEN Group Travel

Knowmad has prepared and operated multiple Special Interest Group trips with plant and garden focuses throughout South America. We are the official operator for the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum trips in South America program and are happy to provide references. Contact us for ideas and sample itineraries.

Let The Journey Begin

Let the Journey Begin - Knowmad Adventures

Planning a trip to South America might seem a little overwhelming at first. Knowmad offers door-to-door trip planning: first, we listen, and then we help you navigate the seasonal differences and itinerary options, resulting in a holistic, seamless, and custom-crafted experience, all at a guaranteed best value.

The simplest way to get started is to give us a call at 612-315-2894or to fill out this short form so we can learn more about your travel preferences.