5 Reasons to Start Planning Your 2021 Adventure Today

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“Is now the time to consider booking a trip for the future?” With the world practically at a standstill, adventure-seekers are wondering when they’ll get to pack their suitcases again and jet off to unfamiliar places with incredible vistas, unique foods, and new experiences. Read on to learn why, along with Knowmad’s new temporary, no-risk booking and cancellation policy, there are some fantastic benefits that make now a great time to plan your next adventure.

Certainly the days of booking your plane ticket and jetting off the next day to a dreamy location have gone away (for now), but what about next year’s winter getaway, or that summer vacation you’ve always wanted to take the kids on? At Knowmad, we think that with the right perspective, (and with the right flexible booking policies), it’s actually an excellent time to plan your 2021 adventure.

It has always been our goal to take the stress out of travel planning, and that rings true now more than ever. We don’t want booking your dream trip for next year to be something that causes any level of anxiety. Quite the contrary, we want it to be what you look forward to each day – from jumping on the phone with one of Knowmad’s South America travel experts to receiving your first trip sketch idea to booking the trip and getting it on your calendar. We want it to be a fun experience for you to enjoy while you’re hunkered down at home, and something bright to look forward to in the future. And, we want you to be able to do so at no financial risk to you. And so, we’ve put together these ‘5 Reasons to Consider Booking Travel Now for 2021,’ which includes things like refundable deposits and getting into hotels that fill up far in advance along with showing your support for the travel community in South America. Take a look below at why we think now may very well be the perfect time to start dreaming of your next adventure.



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Many companies are offering more flexible booking conditions for trips booked during this time of uncertainty, from smaller deposits to more flexible cancellation or postponement policies. Until June 1st, 2020, Knowmad Adventures is allowing travelers to confirm new bookings with only a 10% deposit, fully refundable until 95 days prior to departure, so you can dream of better days without risking your investment. Click here for more on our special booking policies. This allows you to book with confidence, reserving your spaces at the top hotels before they book up all at no financial risk to you. (As many Spring & Summer 2020 travelers will be postponing their trips to 2021, we are already seeing the impact those postponements are having on 2021 availability.) By booking your travel now, you lock in your dream trip and also take advantage of these more flexible policies that won’t last forever.


2. Discounts

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From rolling back former increases in 2021 rates to $1,000 off and more, there are some excellent travel deals out there right now. We don’t expect these to last once life returns to normal, so book now to lock in your 2021 travels at a lower rate. Ask your Knowmad Specialist if the properties you’re looking at are running any travel deals.



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From guides & drivers to indigenous communities, reservations agents, small family-owned restaurants, hotel cleaning staff, and more, this has really hit the travel industry hard. Booking a trip right now, even if it is for a year or more in advance, carries more weight now than it ever has before. It also says to the travel community that you want them to succeed and believe in them doing so. Showing this community that the world will still want to travel when this is all over is the uplifting sentiment and investment we all need right now.



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Now more than ever we all need something to look forward to. We need something to leave us daydreaming of brighter days ahead. Studies have shown that the anticipation of a long awaited event can lead to just as much happiness as the event itself. We’re hoping that at Knowmad, we can help provide that piece of happiness and that ‘something’ to look forward to. Whether you start by scrolling through our Trip Ideas page or giving one of our Trip Specialists a call to discuss next year’s winter getaway or spring break trip with the family, we hope the anticipation can brighten your spirits.



What is the Inca Trail?

From getting one of the 500 coveted, daily permits to hike the Inca Trail; reserving your spot on the best 16-passenger Galapagos boats; booking one of just three standard rooms (nearly 20% cheaper than the next higher category) at Luxury Patagonia Lodge Tierra, there are many benefits to planning your trip a year or more in advance. You have more inventory to choose from, and can even have some savings advantages. Plus, for those family trips or groups of friends, planning in advance gives you more time to get everyone on the same page and to block off dates on your calendar for that adventure you’ve always dreamed of sharing together. And, what better way to engage with your loved ones right now than to plan future experiences you can share together?


Ready to get planning? some of our favorite trip ideas to consider for next year:

  • Argentina & Chile Adventure: Explore the remote ends of the world as you cross through the Andes Mountains while combining diverse adventures in both Argentine and Chilean Patagonia.
  • Incan Backroads: Hike to Choquequirao, Incan ruins that rival Machu Picchu in size, but see only a small handful of visitors each day as you must trek to the site to reach it.
  • Antarctica: Best to book over a year in advance, expeditions to Antarctica are on many travelers bucket list. Now is a great time for early bird promotions for 2021/22 season.
  • Ultimate Galapagos Island Hopping: Explore the Galapagos Islands by 16-passenger catamaran expedition, before enjoying 2 nights on land at luxury Galapagos Safari Camp. Both can fill up far in advance, so book now for next year’s spring break or summer vacation.


If you’re interested in crafting a custom trip to South America, reach out to a Knowmad Trip Specialist at 612-315-2894 or fill out the short form below to begin planning today!


Saludos, Renee

South America Travel - Renee DaviesRenee is a Trip Specialist at Knowmad Adventures, a company dedicated to creating unique, private and custom trips in South America. She lived in Mexico for over 3 years and is excited to help Knowmad travelers discover the wonderful impact not just travel, but really experiencing a different country and culture can have on your life. Read Renee’s biography and more about the Knowmad team.