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A vast country comprising nearly half of South America, Brazil holds some of the world’s most magnificent wonders: spot jaguar and howler monkeys in the Pantanal, feel the mist from the largest waterfall system in the world at Iguazú Falls, swap stories with local fisherman as you bob through the crystalline waters in the lesser-visited Costa Verde, and sip a caipirinha at a local haunt along the Ipanema boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro. With adventures as diverse and extraordinary as Brazil is big, you’ll be sure to have the trip of a lifetime.

Below are some of Knowmad’s favorite travel experiences in Brazil. They seamlessly blend must-see highlights with off-the-beaten-path explorations, all the while taking into consideration the best flow and pacing necessary to truly experience each region they include.


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IGUAZÚ The Iguazú Falls are a natural masterpiece, nestled in the brilliant rainforest.

Paraty A colonial port town nestled in lush coastal mountains known for its rich history, impeccably maintained architecture, and access to little known deserted beaches and coves.

Rio De Janeiro A vibrant and energetic city with views unlike any other atop the famed Sugarloaf Mountain.

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The seasons in Brazil are opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere but, no matter what time of year you decide to visit Brazil, you’ll likely find warm, enjoyable weather. In the summer months (November – March) the rain tends to be slightly higher and with winter comes less humidity and a slightly cooler climate.

In southern Brazil (including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), Rio de Janeiro has a tropical and temperate climate meaning the skies are almost always sunny and the weather warm. In Brazilian winter (June to September) the evenings can be a bit cooler and there may be a few cloudy days with rainfall.

Central Brazil (including the Amazon and Pantanal), experiences higher humidity and warmer temperatures. This area can be visited all year around but is typically best during the dry season (April – October) when the weather is more agreeable and animals are easier to spot.

Moving north to the Northeastern Coastlands you’ll find a mild climate pattern all year long with temperatures averaging 75-85°F all year around.

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