5 Tips for Visiting Easter Island

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Perhaps it’s the mysterious history of the Rapa Nui or Polynesian People, the huge Moai stone statues, or the remoteness that is drawing you to visit Easter Island. Whatever your interests may be for visiting Easter Island, we’ve highlighted 5 tips for anyone planning a trip to this once-in-a-lifetime destination to ensure a high quality experience.

Visiting Easter Island: Tips & Suggestions

Stay 4 Nights

Give Easter Island the proper time to really discover the myths and sites it offers to visitors. Staying 4 nights will allow you to see the deserted, white sand beaches, explore volcanic caves with petroglyphs, and walk the rim of an ancient volcano without rushing. Certainly staying longer is an option, but you would most likely just be relaxing after that point. See our 4-day Easter Island travel itinerary for an incredible trip idea.

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Read Up on the different versions of history of the Rapa Nui People before the trip with these varied resources:


Enjoy Dinner With A Cultural Show

Dine on locally sourced, delicious cuisine while watching interative shows, folklore dances or cultural music. Knowmad’s favorites include Pergola Aringa Ora and Restaurant Te Ra.’

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Scuba Dive (Or Fish)

With the most pristine, crystal waters you won’t want to miss the opportunity to explore the ocean side of Easter Island. Diving off the coast of the island offers one of the most unique and remote diving experiences. Some of the things that divers explore are stunning corals, blowfish, trumpet fish, the butterfly fish, porcupine fish, the Mediterranean moray as well as sea turtles. Some of the things that divers explore are stunning corals, Mediterranean moray, sea turtles and blow, trumpet, butterfly and porcupine fish. Local expert fishermen can also take visitors out for a fishing trip they’ll never forget in some of the most remote waters on the planet.

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Between swimming at the Anakena white sand beach, exploring the mysterious caves, walking along the volcanic rims, and perusing the vibrant handicraft markets – there is something for everyone when visiting Easter Island. Use Knowmad’s Easter Island travel itinerary to guide you for appropriate times to the different sides of the island.

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Easter Island is one of those places that when your feet finally touch the ground, you are blown away that you’re actually there. Stepping back into the mysterious history of the people, learning about the cultures that currently inhabit the island and enjoying the peacefulness of the white sand beaches brings visitors from around the globe.

What about Easter Island intrigues you? Or if you have been there, what was the best part of your visit?


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