Parting Shots: Family Visits their Daughter Studying Abroad in South America

Lisa Kellenberger, both Tara’s sister and Knowmad’s Social Media Guru, spent a semester studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina last spring. Without a moment’s hesitation (not that anybody needs any real valid excuse in this family to go exploring) parents Greg and Dana started dreaming up a trip with Knowmad to get down there. Greg had been to Machu Picchu before when Tara spent her summer after college backpacking around South America and couldn’t wait to see it again, this time with his wife and third daughter. So after a couple of days exploring Argentina’s capital, they flew from  Buenos Aires to Lima and then to Puerto Maldonado in the Amazon for a stay at Inkaterra’s Reserva Amazonica. Next they flew to Cuzco to embark on a custom version of the Classic Machu Picchu itinerary. Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots Kellenbergers!