Parting Shots: Chile

Overjoyed to be visiting their son in Chile after not seeing him for months while he studies abroad, Larry and Betty Oestenstad returned with great travel tales and photos. Helping plan the Oestenstad’s trip to discover the country their son Trevor had fallen for was especially gratifying to me, as a study abroad experience in Chile nearly 15 years ago kindled what has proven to be a life-long love affair with Latin America.
Larry called the day after their return and told me “That was the most unique, well-planned and executed trip we’ve experienced, and after seeing Chile and how he’s growing, we agreed with & blessed Trevor’s desire to stay another semester!”

“Current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers,” someone once said. If your child is debating studying abroad, by supporting them you encourage that throughout life they do not fear the unknown or shy from the challenging path. You’re also leading by example as untethering your children is often the most intimidating choice a parent can make.

Cheers, Jordan

Father and son reunited in a foreign land!

Larry and Betty exploring Chile’s Pacific Coast

Coastal villages

Wine and bike through boutique vineyards

Vineyard bliss

Picnic anyone?

Wine tasting at Matetic Vineyard

Private guesthouse of Casa Marin winery (winery closest to an ocean in the world – makes for nice views!) – what a place for family relaxation

Santiago market scene

A visit with Trevor’s host family

Exploring the hills of Valparaiso