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The Other Side of Sustainability


Fellow Knowmad, frequent contributor, and ocean conservation guru Devin Harvey weighs in on the sustainability discussion. Sustainability—the term, the concept, the practice—is now firmly implanted in the modern, global zeitgeist. No longer is it some radical, hippie-dippie theoretical construct reserved for the zealous environmentalist. Today, even corporate is climbing on board the sustainable train (though

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Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We are so thankful to you all as we reflect on Knowmad’s journey this holiday season. As well as bringing us together with our loved ones, the holidays and another passing year reminds us to look back as well as forward.

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Parting Shots: Northern Patagonia Odyssey


    The Seviers travel by horseback, bike and sea kayak as they explore indigenous cultures, fjords and islands, and modern Chile on the Northern Patagonia Odyssey. Now is the best time of year to design your Patagonia experience with Knowmad.

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Parting Shots: Atacama Desert, Chile

Atacama Desert

    A big thank you to Ed & Suzette for these breathtaking shots from the Atacama Desert , Chile. Their itinerary included excursions to salt flats, geysers, petroglyphs, volcanoes and traditional altiplano villages. Returning to the lodge in the evening, poolside relaxation, gourmet cuisine with Chilean wine, and the world’s most vivid night sky were just what

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Peru Unveiled


Enshrouded in cloud forest and perched amongst Andean peaks sits a vast ancient city lost to civilization until only the last century. After Spanish conquest drove the Incans from their capital Cusco and the surrounding areas, it didn’t take the jungle long to reclaim Machu Picchu, concealing it from mankind for hundreds of years.

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Gastronomy: Mate


Mate is a tea infusion made from the leaves of the coca plant as well as other plants. Slightly bitter in taste, it’s drunk throughout many South American countries including Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. The culture of mate, which differs from region to region, is steeped in tradition. In the high Andean cultures,

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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Crosses the Andes and Patagonia

The Andes

    Knowmad Adventures in conjunction with the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is proud to announce an incredible group trip “Crossing the Andes: An Exploration of Chile and Argentina”. The trip is open to Arboretum members as well as non-members – this includes you! This 13-day trip from January 16th to the 28th, 2012 will highlight the incredible landscapes

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Parting Shots: Chile, South America

Chile, South America

  A warm thank you to the Ryan family for sharing their photos with us! Their custom itinerary in Chile, South America took them from the capital of Santiago in the central region to the southern tip of the continent – Torres del Paine National Park in the Patagonia.

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