The Romance of Patagonia: Awasi Patagonia Lodge in Chile, South America

Awasi Patagonia Lodge

Knowmad founder Jordan Harvey was recently honored by Travel + Leisure as the world’s leading travel planner for Chile and Argentina highlighting that he’s excited about Awasi Patagonia Lodge in Chile the most recent addition to the Patagonia luxury lodge category. Here’s what he said when asked why.


What makes Awasi Patagonia Lodge special?
As the Patagonia is so stunning and wonderful for active excursions, many people pass over or do not think about the cultural aspect of the region. The gaucho tradition is alive and more fascinating than ever, but is not as predominant inside the Torres del Paine National Park boundaries; rather more on the periphery and beyond. To me this is what makes Awasi Patagonia Lodge so special and that is why I love this property. Awasi Patagonia boasts exclusive excursions offering deep interaction with working gauchos on their property as it lies just outside of the park boundary and they showcase the history of ranching in this area prior to the age of “point and shoot” tourism. I want travelers to have all encompassing and well-rounded experiences, not just an album of “coffee table book” highlights after a trip.

List a few other reasons you are excited about Awasi Patagonia Lodge in Chile.

A few other things that excite me about Awasi Patagonia Lodge, one of the best lodges in Torres del Paine and the world over:

  • Federico Zigler, the head chef, is one of the most energetic and proud chefs I’ve experienced anywhere. Apart from his amazing creations, he takes time at each meal to speak with guests and get their input and feedback.
  • With only twelve villas and the only lodge in Torres del Paine to offer completely private guiding and vehicles for a 100% custom trip, Awasi is the best fit for those seeking the highest level of privacy and intimacy.
  • Awasi’s remoteness gives access to some beautiful off-the-beaten path hikes as well as an abundance of wildlife. Guests will feel like Patagonia is theirs and only theirs to experience, something increasingly rare in Torres del Paine.



Awasi Patagonia Lodge in Chile Awasi Patagonia Lodge Chile South America     Awasi Patagonia Lodge Torres del Paine

Awasi Patagonia Lodge Overview

Awasi Patagonia is the most recent addition to the luxury adventure lodges in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. It’s not just the newest, but also the hottest and most exclusive property in the park and in all of Patagonia. The key differentiator from the other lodges in Patagonia is that guests have their own private guide and vehicle for the duration of their stay offering total flexibility and privacy.

True to form, Awasi Patagonia is extremely intimate with just 12 villas. Their location is right outside of Torres del Paine National Park’s eastern border in a private reserve that offers stunning views and tends to have more wildlife. Their location also makes possible unique excursions to off-the-beaten path areas such as the Sierra Baguales’ Mountains, an area littered with fossils and herds of guanacos running free as gauchos go about their daily business by horseback.

Awasi Patagonia Lodge Highlights

  • Enjoy fully private guiding and vehicles offering unparalleled flexibility while hiking and exploring Chilean Patagonia; alongside your guide you decide the times, duration and routes according to your preference
  • Remote location tucked within a private reserve that borders Torres del Paine National Park offering solitude, off-the-beaten path hikes and adventures, and the region’s best wildlife viewing of guanacos, ñandus, foxes, condors and pumas
  • Patagonia’s most exclusive lodge boasting just 12 private, luxury villas
  • Enjoy the culinary delights of creative and venerable chef Frederico Zigler
  • Listen to glaciers crackle and mountain avalanches rumble as you picnic in the stunning French Valley
  • Knowmad guarantees best pricing at Awasi!

Important Info: 2015/16 Costs

  • 3 night stays based on double occupancy from $3,250 (valid until May 2016)

Type Flexible Date Private Departures with entry dates available every five days. You choose the date, your travel companions and one of our adventures.

Light, Moderate, or Vigorous Trip Activities are flexible and can include hiking, photography, horseback riding, cultural opportunities, and spa.

Length 3 nights and up, recommended minimum stay 4 nights

Begin/End Generally Punta Arenas, Chile and/or Calafate, Argentina. Some flights for Puerto Natales exist during certain times of year.


If privacy and intimacy are paramount for your ideal Patagonia and Torres del Paine National Park trip, then Awasi Patagonia is the ideal choice.

Knowmad is the world-leader in high-quality, custom-designed private trips in Chile, Argentina, Patagonia, and greater South America. To build your ideal luxury Chile and Argentina itinerary and book a stay at Awasi, contact us today.

For more information about Awasi Patagonia Lodge in Chile be sure to check out the full lodge overview on our website, that includes a list of all the excursions offered at the lodge, accommodation information and more.


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