Travelers Returning in Awe – “Best Trip Ever!”

Thank you for going beyond the call of duty to make our trip one we’ll never forget – probably the best ever.” – Les & Becky, Whiteville, NC | Custom Chile & Argentina Trip – January 2021

“The trip of a lifetime” “Unique and exciting animal encounters” “You were always responsive and developed solutions for the changing situations due to Covid” “[This trip] really allowed us to relax” “Our trip was truly epic”

Want to hear more? Photos and stories from recently returning travelers below.

hear from recently returning travelers

Knowmad Adventures Custom Galapagos Islands Trip“This was a perfect opportunity to travel. Things are just beginning to open up and the local providers are full of energy and ready to go – they clearly are so happy to be working again and are most grateful for the business. Additionally, there are some great deals to be had as businesses get running and are competing for clients.” – Linda & Bob | Custom Galapagos Trip, August 2021


Peru Trip 2021

“We loved [our Peru trip] and everything was perfect!

– Jane, Minneapolis, MN | Custom Peru Trip – June 2021


Knowmad Adventures Custom Chile Trip

“Best trip ever!” – Mary, Atlanta, GA | Custom Chile Trip – November 2021



Knowmad Adventures Returning Travelers - Galapagos 2021

“We had the most incredible time on our adventure! It has taken a few days to really process how many wonderful experiences we had, amazing animals we encountered and how many memories we made…

…The La Pinta and the Galapagos were just phenomenal! from the boat size, the staff, the rooms, the excursions, the food, the guides, excellent on all levels for our family.

We usually plan our own family vacations and Knowmad really knocked it out of the park! Thank you so much…
You were so thoughtful with every detail and that really allowed us to relax.”

– Kari, Marietta, GA | Custom Galapagos Trip – June 2021


Thank you so much for making this beautiful trip possible!” Suzanne, Lino Lakes, MN | Custom Peru Trip – October 2021


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“10/10 would recommend. Thank you for a trip beyond my expectations. …I already sent me itinerary to 4 people that wanted to do my trip!” – Jessica & Luis, Denver, CO | Custom Patagonia & Atacama Chile Trip – December 2020


We feel extremely blessed to lead the charge in getting international travel going again with our trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos! Our trip was truly epic, filled with unique and exciting animal encounters surrounded by the welcoming and friendly people of Ecuador.

The country of Ecuador is well-prepared to handle safety measures and their thoughtful intentionality is evident everywhere you visit. In comparison to the inconsistent response in the United States, we felt more protected and safe in Ecuador in response to the consistent protocols in place everywhere we went. We never felt unsafe or at risk at any point on our travels. While in Ecuador, our local guide Carolina, used photos from our visit to promote local travel as well – we were thrilled to endorse travel to help the amazing people of Ecuador welcome visitors back to their country. Renee and Carmen were thorough and responsive in all of our trip planning, the quality of accommodations was second to none and our itinerary was executed with the utmost precision, that even our fellow travelers were attempting to rearrange the second half of their travels to mirror what we had experienced.”

– Gina and Scott, Coral Springs, FL | Custom Galapagos Trip – June 2021


“I loved this quote by Charles Darwin which I read while aboard La Pinta, ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.’ Covid has changed the world we have to adjust.

…I love living in Hawaii but after months of lockdown I was getting what we call ‘rock fever’ which is the desire to get off of it! 😄. I have always dreamed of traveling to the Galapagos and after researching online it seemed quite safe and doable. Airfares were very reasonable and I was able to travel as a single without paying a supplement.

I chose this picture to encourage all to ‘Shoot for the stars’ and keep on traveling!”

– Ian, Honolulu, HI | Custom Galapagos Trip – June 2021

Argentina Luxury Travel

“You really had to work hard and creatively for our trip. You were always responsive and developed solutions for the changing situations due to Covid. Bravo!” – Roger, Wayzata, MN | Custom Southern Patagonia Adventure – December 2021


“The trip of a lifetime with the family to the Galapagos. Thanks to Knowmad adventures for making it happen”

– Cindy, Tampa, FL | Custom Galapagos Trip – May 2021


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These words from recently returning travelers say it all! Take it from the many Knowmad travelers that just got back from trips to South America; it’s a great time for all of us adventurous souls to get back out there and start traveling again.

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Nos Vemos, Lisa

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