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Did you know that the famed Inca Trail, taking you to the Inti Punku sun gate and down to Machu Picchu, is actually just a small portion of the tens of thousands of Incan roads built throughout South America? Or how about that Cusco is higher in elevation than Machu Picchu? Peru is a fascinating country with a rich history.

As regional specialists, we get a lot of questions about the destinations we operate in. Some of the most frequently asked questions we get from Knowmads looking to travel to Peru are about altitude, weather and the Inca Trail. We decided to make a fun and easy to read infographic full of helpful facts about Peru for those planning a trip there. Are you wondering the length of the Inca Trail? What’s the altitude at Machu Picchu?  When’s the rainy season in Cusco? Find the answers to these questions and many more in our fun, easy to navigate infographic below and click the link for the printable version of Peru by Numbers.

Facts about peru

Travel Times & Elevation

Facts About Peru - Elevation

Southern Highlands


Facts About Peru - Southern Highlands

Inca Trail

Distances & Elevation

Facts About Peru - Inca Trail Altitude


Average Precipitation

Temperatures in Cusco and the Peruvian Southern Highlands remain fairly consistent year round with highs in the upper 60s °F and lows at night reaching the lower 40s °F. Rainfall, however, differs dramatically depending on the month.

Facts About Peru - Cusco Weather

Click the link for a printable version of the Peru by Numbers infographic, packed full of facts about Peru, and take it with you on your travels! Is there any information you were hoping to find above that you still have questions about? Don’t hesitate to shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] or give us a call at 612-315-2894, we are always happy to talk travel.


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