What does travel mean to you?

What Does Travel Mean to You

“The ability to more fully understand one’s own culture and place in the world by experiencing other cultures” – Stephan, Knowmad Traveler

“It means soaring into new adventures while grounding me within my roots” – Joy, Knowmad Traveler

I asked our Knowmad Adventures past traveler community what travel means to them and a common thread emerged in their answers.

A thread that binds each of our unique interests and longings together and connects us all: People.

It’s bittersweet when you really think about. This year has helped us realize, in a deeper way, how much we really appreciate our friends and family, sharing experiences, and meeting new people and it has also made missing those moments even harder. Although difficult, it gives us even greater excitement for future adventures and connections.


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“An opportunity to see, experience and understand more of the world than I live in on a daily basis. There is so much diversity of geography, politics, culture, food and more to learn about, to experience and to see.”

– Jay, Minneapolis, MN | Custom Peru Trip

“Develop a better understanding of what makes us different and also what we have in common and an appreciation of what we have”

– Elizabeth | Custom Argentina & Peru Trip

Knowmad Adventures Custom Travel

“A chance to see life through someone else’s eyes. A chance to learn a new history. Getting to eat food that you have never tasted. Talking to someone from another culture and finding out that you have a lot in common even if you live on the other side of the world. Learning to be grateful for things I take for granted like running water, grocery stores and my house that I get to own, and seeing how other people need a lot less than me to be happy. The world is so much bigger than the small part I get to see everyday.”

– Jessica, Denver, CO | Custom Chile Trip

“Travel is the medium in which we are able to indulge in the expressions of our fellow beings and the habitat they are engaged in.”

– Kim & Chris, Steamboat Springs, CO | Custom Argentina Trip

“We miss seeing new cultures and meeting interesting people.”

– Gary & Lynn, Highland Park, IL | Custom Argentina Trip

​”Travel is the ability to more fully understand one’s own culture and place in the world by experiencing other cultures.”

– Stephan Foxman | Custom South America Trip

“It means “the world” to me!!!
It opens up all my senses…. sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste! An adrenaline rush to life & living!
It means “learning” in the best possible way!
It means a chance to see new places, meet new people, to understand life and living from new perspectives!
It means soaring into new adventures while grounding me within my roots and my personal perspectives!!”

– Joy, Minnetonka, MN | Custom South America Trip

Knowmad Adventures South America

“leaving a known environment for an unknown one. It is experiencing another culture, its history, customs, foods, and learning from the locals. It is appreciating the vastness of nature with its waters, landscapes, and creatures. It can be an opportunity to make new friends among fellow travelers who travel with us again. Travel is what we miss the most during this pandemic.”

– Christine, North Oaks, MN | Custom South America Trip

“It means Knowmad Adventures!”

– Doug, Apple Valley, MN | Custom Chile Trip

“I see my personal universe as like a large, translucent bubble. When I travel outside of my past experience, my universe-bubble gets not only bigger and richer but also I become more fulfilled as a person”.

– Jack, Stillwater, MN | Peru Arboretum Trip

“Our trip to Peru was so enriching and up-lifting. Connecting with our guides was such a big part of our journey. Harry in Cusco who was such a kind and informative soul. Abel for mountain biking who is devoting his life to sustainable travel with his advanced degree he’s earned. Fisher for our hikes and Machu Picchu. His love for birds and the history of his people. We loved Adairle for his impeccably pressed white shirts, amazing driving and Guinea pig from his mom’s house. We so enjoyed meeting the people in the Amaru village and the woman who hosted the panchamanca. She was lovely and an incredible weaver. That trip has greatly enhanced our lives and we look forward to our next one…

…If you break my thoughts down to it’s most basic, it’s just connection between people. People that are different and broaden and enrich our life experience.”

– Tom, Atlantic Beach, FL | Custom Peru Trip

“I miss getting away from my daily routine. I always enjoy the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and life experiences. I love savoring new foods and cuisine when I am away. I need to speak other languages to remain fluent. There are still so many new and exciting places to see and things to do around the globe. In fact, traveling is one of the things I miss most during the pandemic.”

– Karen, Westport, CO | Custom Peru Trip

“See places I have read about my whole life
Meet people in different countries and seeing how we are similar and how we are different
Experiences with a group of people with similar interests are more enjoyable
Always new food and beverages which are fun
Seeing how people work, travel and play in other countries”

– Peter, Excelsior, MN | Arboretum Trips

“Excitement. Discovery. Learning. Surprise. Joy. Relaxation. Those six words tell what travel means to us —- as well as why we have so greatly missed traveling during these past pandemic months; and why we look forward to getting our travel legs back.”

– Ron & Russell, New York, NY | Multiple Custom South America Trips

What does travel mean to you knowmad travel

I’m curious, what does travel mean to you? Comment below with your thoughts.

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