Parting Shots: Travel to Antarctica

Travel to Antarctica

Travel to Antarctica can be challenging. Known as the white continent, this incredibly vast wilderness is uninhabited by humans and only visited by a handful of the most adventurous individuals. Knowmad travelers Katy and Brady Shannon were up for both the challenge and the adventure!

The mother and son pair embarked on a 22-day Antarctica journey last December – one that Brady claims was, “the trip of a lifetime!” The two flew from the United States to Buenos Aires and then onward to Ushuaia where they boarded their Ocean Endeavour expedition boat. They spent over two weeks on the water exploring the Falkland Islands, visiting South Georgia, crossing the Drake Passage and more. Take a look at their incredible wildlife photos below and read through their itinerary for a detailed look at this incredible Antarctica travel experience.

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travel to antarctica: visiting the falkland islands, south georgia + more

DAY 1 USA – Buenos Aires
You will take an overnight flight from the U.S. arriving to Buenos Aires the following morning.

DAY 2 Buenos Aires
Upon your early morning arrival in Buenos Aires you will be independently responsible for arranging transportation to your accommodations to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at your leisure. Upon check-in at your hotel you will be informed of a meeting time and the specific place in the hotel where you will have a trip briefing with your cruise mates.

DAY 3 Buenos Aires – Ushuaia
After breakfast at your accommodations, the group will be transferred to the airport to board a private charter flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina. Upon arrival, you’ll be taken to the ship.

DAY 4 At Sea
Knowmad Adventures Travel To AntarcticaThere are many activities to keep you engaged while you are at sea. Learn to identify seabirds that glide alongside the ship or attend dynamic presentations by your Expedition Team. Today you will also be prepped on safety procedures for your Zodiac cruises and shore landings.

  • B, L, D – Ocean Endeavour

DAY 5 & 6 Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
Travel To Antarctica Knowmad AdventuresTravel to Antarctica      Wildlife In AntarcticaUpon arrival in this archipelago your cameras will get their first real workout capturing the abundant wildlife and the rugged feel of the Falklands (Malvinas). The archipelago contains two main islands—East and West, which you will explore by Zodiac excursions and daily landings. Port Stanley is often a favored landing site, as the town offers a unique British outpost feel, complete with a bit of an eclectic charm. You’ll be free to explore the town, grab a pint at the local pub, or visit numerous churches and museums. In terms of wildlife, the archipelago is home to magellanic, gentoo and rockhopper penguins. If you’re lucky, you may even spot king penguins here as well! You can expect to see blackbrowed albatross and two endemic bird species; Cobb’s wren and the Falkland’s flightless steamer duck.

  • B, L, D – Ocean Endeavour

DAY 7 & 8 At Sea
Antarctica TravelSailing south, you’ll officially enter Antarctic waters by crossing the invisible biological boundary called the Antarctic Convergence. Encircling the continent, cold Antarctic waters meet and mix with the warmer waters of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, creating an abundance of krill and marine life that attracts whales and seals to this part of the world. Expedition staff will be sure to keep you posted when you cross this invisible, yet important line.

  • B, L, D – Ocean Endeavour

DAY 9-12 South Georgia Island
traveling in antarctica     Traveling To AntarcticaThis remote outpost was a popular stop for many historic Antarctic expeditions and was once a haven for hunting whales and elephant and fur seals. Today, South Georgia Island wildlife populations have rebounded, but you’ll still see remnants of those old whaling stations and other abandoned outposts. One significant and historic site that will be of interest is the grave of the great explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton. You can visit his grave at the settlement of Grytviken, which is also home to an old whaling station, a museum, gift shop, church and a small research station. While South Georgia’s history is an important attraction to the islands, it is the wildlife on South Georgia that you and your shipmates will surely find most captivating. Often referred to as the ‘Galapagos of the Poles,’ each landing you make on South Georgia will open your eyes to a new wonder of wildlife.

  • B, L, D – Ocean Endeavour

DAY 13 & 14 At Sea
Antarctica Travel ItinerarySay goodbye to the king penguins, as your next destination is Antarctica! Your days at sea are filled with presentations, lectures and workshops from your Expedition Team, who will prepare you for the wildlife that will be greeting you upon your arrival in Antarctica. In between presentations, spend time chatting with your shipmates over a drink at the bar. If conditions allow, the ship may also attempt landfall on the South Orkney Islands, the first official stop in Antarctica.

  • B, L, D – Ocean Endeavour

DAY 15-18 South Shetland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula
Travel To Antarctica With Knowmad Adventures     Travel To AntarcticaThe most common reaction to arriving at the white continent is a sense of reverence and awe. The experience is hard to put into words, as few places are as untouched, unique and enduring as Antarctica. You will discover that Antarctica is a land of extremes. At one moment you’ll be overcome with a feeling of complete desolation and silence, at the next moment you’ll be inspired by nature as a calving glacier crashes into the brilliant blue sea or a penguin comes waddling by to inspect your footwear.

  • B, L, D – Ocean Endeavour

DAY 19 & 20 Crossing the Drake Passage
Antarctica Trips     Knowmad Adventures Antarctica TravelAfter more than two weeks of endless wildlife encounters, your journey home begins. Crossing the Drake Passage is your unofficial rite of passage, completing your Antarctic adventure. Enjoy some final moments mingling with your fellow travelers. The noisy, busy, populated world awaits your return, so savor the silence of the sea as long as you can.

  • B, L, D – Ocean Endeavour

DAY 21 Ushuaia – Buenos Aires
After breakfast aboard the ship, it is time to part ways and say goodbye to your Expedition Team. Today you will disembark in Ushuaia, where you will have a little time for a short guided exploration of Ushuaia before being transferred to the airport for the return group charter flight to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival in Buenos Aires you will be independently responsible for reclaiming your baggage and checking in for your international overnight flight home.

  • B

DAY 22 Arrive Home.


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