Knowmad’s Jordan Harvey Named Best Trip Specialist for Argentina and Chile with praise for Peru by Travel + Leisure

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Active South America travel fans, get excited, because we have some news for you! In the September issue of Travel + Leisure magazine, Jordan Harvey, South America trip specialist and Knowmad co-founder, was named for the second year in a row, the best travel specialist for Argentina & Chile vacations, with additional praise for Peru trips.

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“I’d be lying if I didn’t say it feels spectacular,” Jordan says of receiving the title for a second year in a row. “By
being specialists in one region, we truly can become experts in our areas of operation. This allows us to work in places we’re passionate about which is key. Passion is translated into everything we do. This coupled with highly professional service is a bit of what makes Knowmad special.”

The Travel + Leisure A-List is a comprehensive list of the world’s top travel specialists. The list of travel agencies, trip operators, and travel consultants is published annually and features only the most knowledgeable and innovative specialists, including South America travel specialists, like Jordan.
Best Travel Advisor Argentina and ChileAs an expert Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, and even Antarctica travel agent, Jordan has explored just about every corner of South America; from the southern tip of Patagonia to the majestic peaks of Machu Picchu to South American wine country, Galapagos Islands’ luxury cruises, Amazon rainforest, small indigenous villages in the Andes, lovely colonial towns, lively & vibrant metropolitan cities, and much, much more. You name it, Knowmad knows it.

We feel that this expert knowledge, personal in-country relationships, and a true passion for travel are what keep our travelers coming back each year for more authentic, sustainable and life-changing active trips and luxury vacations.

“For my part, I know South American culture very intimately from living there on and off for many years, and I’ve got a lot of friends.” Jordan says when asked what sets Knowmad apart. “These special relationships down south end up making people’s travel experiences more unique and intimate. I think Travel & Leisure has recognized that in addition to knowledge, value and service, what really differentiates Knowmad is that we create experiences people can’t otherwise plan on their own or with other operators.”

After just 5 years in the business, Knowmad travelers continue to return from their active South America trips awe-inspired and with a craving for more of these unique Knowmad experiences. No one can explain better what sets us apart than Knowmad travelers themselves.

The Knowmad team put together the trip of a lifetime for us. Everything was perfect, from the guides to the accommodations to the activities, and your extensive knowledge of the area and personal relationships with the people we met in Chile were invaluable. We can’t recommend Knowmad highly enough.

– Ben and Sarah, New York, NY / Custom Chile Trip 

Quite simply the best trip we’ve ever taken. Destinations astounded, logistics and planning flawless, and your intimate knowledge and relationships made for a trip that was personal every inch of the way. 

– Deanna and Rachel, Santa Barbara, CA / Custom Chile Trip

You put together a one-of-a-kind vacation for my group that I’ll long remember and enthusiastically recommend. I thank you and look forward, with much anticipation, to my next adventure with you.

– Lisa, Seattle, WA / Custom Ecuador Trip

Thanks for the organization, the trip was excellent! Everything went well and I had a great time. The areas you suggested are beautiful. My guides were very knowledgeable. I’m traveling to Bolivia and Peru next year and I will surely plan it with you.

– Adrienn, Budapest, Hungary / Custom Chile Trip

Thanks travelers for continuing to come back to us each year for more South American trips, and for spreading the word about authentic and environmentally as well as culturally sustainable travel.

We feel so honored to be on this list again, and cannot begin to thank Travel + Leisure enough for continuing to believe in Knowmad, a small South American travel agency with big dreams. In what has been an incredible 5 years, Knowmad has gone from an idea formed while co-founders, Jordan and Tara Harvey, were living on a dairy farm in Northern Patagonia, to the top of its field in planning private, custom South American trips.

“We’ve worked extremely hard creating and growing Knowmad,” says Jordan. “Coming to the industry from an unorthodox pathway and building a successful travel company from the ground up challenges your confidence as much as anything else. These types of accolades and praise help communicate what we already know here; Knowmad not only continues to be very successful in realizing our stated mission to create incredible, life-changing travel experiences in Latin America, but also in our unstated mission of excelling in our field and growing a successful business that will be around for the long haul.”

Ready to plan your South American adventure? Give Jordan a call at 612-877-1735 to start planning your incredible, unique tour of South America!

Hasta Pronto, Knowmad Adventurers

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