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Are you at a point in life where the perfect ending to a day of seeing incredible landscapes and experiencing far-flung cultures is a hotel that spares no comfort and offers world-class service and amenities? Our luxury South America trips feature Knowmad’s world-class guiding, service, and innovative explorations paired with handpicked five-star accommodations that are the finest in the continent.

These trips can be done exactly as described, or they can be used as planning tools and building blocks while you work with a Knowmad South American Trip Specialist to build your ideal custom trip. Learn more about the custom travel planning process here.

Upon confirming your luxury South America vacation with Knowmad, you will be sent a detailed Trip Information Packet particular to your trip that answers most frequently asked questions and includes a pack list, pre-departure check list, and more. Prior to departure, along with your reconfirmed itinerary you receive a Buen Viaje, or Safe Travels document that includes maps with hotels indicated, 24-hour in-country emergency phone numbers, and other valuable assistance tools.

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Knowmad’s Luxury vacations in South America feature the finest hotels, inns, boutiques and yachts on the continent. Within Peru, Patagonia, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador there are many world-class, five-star hotels and we are constantly inspecting new properties.

Suggested accommodations are some of our favorite South American five-star hotels, however it can be hard to pick favorites. As a specialist in custom and private South American luxury travel, we are happy to discuss other premier hotel options in order that your trip is perfect for you.

Custom and Private South American Luxury Travel

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‘Luxury travel expert’ is thrown around quite loosely in the travel industry these days, however that expertise may be exaggerated, and ‘luxury’ is often synonymous with ‘overpriced’. Knowmad been building trips and travel for the discerning traveler for years, and focusing exclusively on South America has allowed us to become true South America luxury travel experts. We’ve inspected all of the traditional ‘best’ hotels in the continent, as well as many lesser known boutique gems and newcomers. Our restaurant recommendations and included meals have been chosen based on personal experience. Our local guides are professional yet personable, and we understand that just because you want the best South American travel experience possible featuring luxury hotels, that doesn’t mean you want to overpay.

Knowmad is the leader in building unique private luxury travel experiences in South America, and we deliver them at an unbeatable value. All of our trips are backed by the Knowmad Price Guarantee.

Let The Journey Begin

Let the Journey Begin - Knowmad Adventures

Planning a trip to South America might seem a little overwhelming at first. Knowmad offers door-to-door trip planning: first, we listen, and then we help you navigate the seasonal differences and itinerary options, resulting in a holistic, seamless, and custom-crafted experience, all at a guaranteed best value.

The simplest way to get started is to give us a call at 612-315-2894or to fill out this short form so we can learn more about your travel preferences.