Forbes Travel + Knowmad Adventures: Adrenaline + Zen – Five Trips of a Lifetime

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“Sitting on a beach with a tropical cocktail is all well and good, but a lot of us get bored with that after about ten minutes. We’d rather do something that makes us feel alive. Testing our limits is (sometimes scary) fun, and as travel has come to be less about architecture and more about experiences, a great trip is one that sparks a personal transformation.

We seek out adventures but also like a high level of living. Much as we want to be escorted gently outside of our comfort zones, we also wanted to be ushered back into a setting that’s sublimely comfortable—maybe with a wellness focus, via yoga, meditation or just a good massage. Zen and adrenaline are the yin and yang of luxury travel in 2017. Here are five life-changing pairings and the agents who can arrange them.” – Ann Abel 

Click the following link to read Ann Abel’s full article and learn why Knowmad’s Huchuy Qosko Trekking and Pachamanca experience is the first one on Forbes’ “Five Trips of a Lifetime” list.

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