Meet Krista! Knowmad’s Newest Team Member, Ready to Help You Plan A Trip To South America

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We want to introduce you to Krista, Knowmad’s newest Operations Specialist! She joined our team a few months ago and, after traveling to many places throughout the world – including South America – she is excited to be living in her home state of Minnesota again. She is ready to help you plan a trip of a lifetime to South America and hopes that others can experience what she loves about travel – getting out of your comfort zone, discovering new things, and exploring the unknown.

Find out what she considers the world’s best “hidden gem,” her favorite place in South America and more below…

Words With Krista, Knowmad’s Newest Team Member

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After falling in love with Spanish at a summer camp more than 20 years ago, I studied it in college, and shortly there after went off on several adventures, living in Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina, South Korea, working a season on cruise ships, and lastly in Mexico. I love lists and order, but I make decisions based on feelings and instinct. I love puzzles and trying to solve problems, and I find it impossible to pick favorite anythings (which made some of these questions really difficult). There are very few things in the world that I don’t find fascinating and I am particularly interested in art. When traveling, you can usually find me at local history museums and monuments, and anywhere I can take a good picture.


Fun Facts Countdown

5 words to describe you? Detailed, enthusiastic, responsible, curious & independent.

4 things you like to do? Take pictures, go to concerts, watch British television series & bake.

3 biggest addictions? Music, sugar & travel.

2 favorite places? Minnesota (the nature and arts) & Mexico (the people, history, and food).

1 little known fact? I was a state champion synchronized swimmer in high school.


Let’s talk travel!

You have spent a big part of your life traveling, what keeps drawing you towards travel? There is an endless supply of new things to do and see. Every time you travel and every place you go, it is a unique experience. Travel is not only fascinating, but challenging. It forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you question what you think you know, and it compels you to find solutions.

Knowmad Adventures - Plan A Trip     Knowmad Adventures - Plan A Trip

Which region in South America is your favorite and why? The Galapagos was the most amazing wildlife experience, but Argentina will always have a special place in my heart. It has everything – the tropical Iguazú, the amazing landscape of Salta, one of my favorite capital cities in the world, down to the gorgeous mountains and lakes of Patagonia. And the food is absolutely incredible!

What is one of your fondest travel memories? Both of my parents are of Norwegian heritage, and in the summer of 2012 the opportunity arose for a trip there with my mom. We visited the farm where my dad’s family had lived, and met my mom’s relatives who still live near Stavanger and in the Sognefjord. It was an amazing opportunity to connect with family and our history.

Plan A Trip to Uruguay

What area do you consider the world’s “best hidden gem?” I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed Uruguay. I visited in off-season, so the atmosphere was so calm and relaxing. I had a cabin near the beach in Punta del Diablo to myself. Colonia del Sacramento is a nice colonial city with a beautiful historic quarter, and my day at Cabo Polonio was one of my favorite unique experiences of a three-month South America trip.

It was fun getting to know you better Krista, thank you for sharing all of your wonderful travel stories!

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Krista Erdahl - Knowmad AdventuresKrista is part of the Operations team at Knowmad Adventures, a company dedicated to creating unique, private and custom trips in South America. She has lived in six countries on four continents and visited more than fifty countries, but is now settled back in her home state of Minnesota where she loves sharing her passion and knowledge with fellow travelers.