Who We Are

Knowmad Adventures was born from the idea that travel makes us better people. We make creating your own authentic and innovative trip stress-free, ensuring that travelers are able to experience, enjoy and grow. Since day one we’ve been dedicated to the highest level of customer service and traveler satisfaction. Our values of authentic travel, a spirit of fun and adventure, and a profound respect for the cultures and environments that we visit have helped us connect with an incredible community of travelers from around the globe. Working with this community is our greatest privilege, and hearing excited travel tales upon their return our greatest joy.

These are a few of the talented and dedicated Knowmads who look forward to helping you have your perfect experience in South America.

Jordan Harvey, Co-Founder - Knowmad Adventures Custom Travel

Jordan Harvey

Founder & Trip Specialist
Travel + Leisure A-List Winner 2013 – 2024
Condé Nast Traveler Experience Makers Award Winner 2015 – 2024
for Argentina & Chile (additional specialties: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru)
Trusted Travel Expert Wendy Perrin WOW List 2018-2024

While studying abroad in Chile during high school, I became hooked on international travel. This addiction eventually led me to sea-kayak guiding in Alaska, teaching in Thailand, traveling through most every nook and cranny of South America, working for an adventure race in Patagonia, and guiding trips in Chile and Argentina. Travel brought me incredible experiences and challenges, highlighting the world’s natural beauty while connecting me with inspiring people. Ultimately I became convinced that travel makes us better people, and better people make a better planet.

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Tara Harvey, Co-Founder - Knowmad Adventures Custom Travel

Tara Harvey

Founder & Marketing

Having been born with a substantial wanderlust tick, I’ve been perpetually focused on the next great adventure. Hopping a flight to some far-flung destination doesn’t have me skipping a beat – I’m endlessly inspired by the cultures, food, colors, and idiosyncrasies I discover. Ironically though, part of what I take away from travel is a deeper sense and appreciation of home. Gaining new perspectives abroad gives me a fresh outlook on my day to day. Here in Minneapolis, I strive to live locally, while thinking globally. I feel so lucky that Knowmad has enabled me to be a part of people’s life journeys.

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Renee Davies, Trip Specialist - Knowmad Adventures Custom Travel

Renee Davies

General Manager & Trip Specialist
Condé Nast Traveler Experience Makers Award Winner 2022 – 2024
Ecuador + Galapagos Islands 

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, I moved to Washington state after high school to study Visual Journalism, Anthropology and Spanish. After traveling through Central America and studying abroad in Mexico during college, it did not take much convincing for me to pack my bags and move back south after graduation. After over 3 years of living in Guanajuato, Mexico, I truly discovered what it is I love about travel; culture and language. New experiences and especially exposure to both different countries and cultures can have a profound, irreversible impact on someone’s life. I love this. Whether it be returning from your trip with a new sense of adventure, a new self confidence or just a new friend, refreshed outlook or way to think about your daily routine, travel has a unique ability to get into someone’s heart and mind, and then stay there forever. It certainly has for me, and I feel both excited and honored to be a part of that experience for Knowmad travelers!

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Krista Erdahl, Trip Specialist - Knowmad Adventures Custom Travel

Krista Erdahl

Trip Specialist

After falling in love with Spanish at a summer camp more than 20 years ago, I studied it in college and ultimately became fascinated with exploration and adventure. I have lived in six countries on four continents and visited more than fifty countries. Today, you’ll find me back in my home state of Minnesota where I love sharing my passion and knowledge of travel with others.

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Colin Bennett

Trip Specialist

An Iowan in Chile, I’ve got an eclectic background: I majored in studio art but also served in the Army. Travel has been a transformative force in my life. A university trip in Guatemala opened my eyes to the Spanish speaking world, and led to a process that would eventually lead me to Chile where I have been based since 2004. Prior to Knowmad, I organized and guided food and wine trips in Central Chile, and covered Latin America as a trade reporter for various international publications. An ideal day is one which involves outdoor adventure, great friends, family and food. An authentic and enjoyable blend of nature and culture, which is at the heart of the experience I look to help build with Knowmad travelers.

Carmen Mancino - Operations Specialist - Knowmad Adventures Custom Travel

Carmen Mancino

Operations Specialist 

After growing up in Minnesota, I moved to Chicago for college, where it quickly became my second home and where I absolutely fell in love with exploring new cities! I studied abroad twice during college, in Siena, Italy, and London, England, and I went on two backpacking adventures to Europe & Central America with friends during those years as well. Those trips, along with the rest of my travels, have significantly furthered my love of exploring and adventuring. Traveling is so dear to me because it gives you the chance to learn about the stories of people who call someplace else home, to listen to different and beautiful languages, and to be present in places you’ve only ever seen in movies, read about, or dreamed of visiting. These days, I’m having a blast exploring all the things that make Minneapolis and St. Paul so awesome with mini, local adventures, and still very much collecting as many travel memories as possible!

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Luke Gruenhagen

Operations Specialist

After I studied abroad on a ship that sailed the world for four months, I was imbibed with a serious case of wanderlust. I spent eight years as a seasonal worker, bouncing between summers in Alaska as a dog sled guide, to winters traveling the globe. I found myself as an English teacher in Thailand, a hostel worker in Prague, an ostrich herder in Bulgaria, a travel consultant on a Mediterranean ship, and had plenty of time in between to explore places like the jungles of Colombia, the wintery depths of Siberia, and a heck of a lot in-between. I love experiencing new cultures and cuisines, meeting people from all over the world and learning about their lives, and having incredible adventures along the way. Knowmad allows me to do that while working amongst kindred spirits, and lets me help others achieve that same rush I strive for every time I get on a plane, heading somewhere new.

Olivia Nunn

Operations Specialist

Growing up in a bilingual household with a French mother and British father, I have always been fascinated by different cultures and languages. I first traveled to Central and South America whilst on my year abroad, as part of my BA in Modern Languages and Cultures at Durham University. From working in a travel agency in Costa Rica, to traveling across Peru and Bolivia, to volunteering in Brazil, I well and truly fell in love with this vibrant continent and its welcoming people. Vowing to return after completing my degree, one month after my graduation I moved to Bucaramanga, Colombia and since then, I have never looked back! Now based in Puerto Montt, in the south of Chile, I spend my time exploring, hiking and climbing in and around the Andes. I thrive on helping Knowmad travelers make their trips memorable by sharing my passion and knowledge of this unique continent’s breathtaking nature and diverse culture.

Shannon Dark

Operations Specialist 

Born and raised in Michigan, I’ve always had a desire to experience other cultures and languages. Fortunately, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to various parts of the world, yet none have captured my heart quite like the breathtaking beauty of South America. My love for the continent started in 2014 when I spent three fascinating months in Argentina.  Since then, I’ve consistently returned to explore different corners of South America. Currently, I call Puerto Montt, Chile my home, and love exploring the beautiful landscapes and culture at my doorstep. At Knowmad, I enjoy helping facilitate adventures for travelers so they can experience all the wonders that South America has in store for them!


Nicole Hetzer

Accountant & Human Resources

I grew up in small-town Texas and had the life-altering opportunity to study abroad in Salamanca, Spain during college. To say the least, it changed the trajectory of my life and brought to the surface my passion and interest in Spanish culture and language and a world outside of my comfort zone. In between travels and sabbaticals that led me all over the world, I made a home base in Colorado and you could always find me outside soaking up the beautiful nature and taking long walks in the woods. Over the last few years, my dreams of living the “knowmad” lifestyle have come to fruition, and my home base is wherever my traveling shoes take me. Exploring the stunning, diverse world and the human connections I’ve made on the road of life have been a cornerstone for my personal development and authentic happiness. Working alongside the amazing team at Knowmad Adventures and supporting the work we do to connect curious souls with grand adventures is a truly grateful experience.


Here are some of the invaluable network of coordinators and guides we work with in South America.

South America Travel - Haelin

Haelin Bravo

Peru Coordinator

Ever since I was a child I was interested in tourism and in visiting different places, interacting with people from different cultures and languages. That’s why this year I left Lima to come and work in Cusco, where one of the 7 wonders of the world is located, Machu Picchu! I love my job and I am easy-going, empathetic and adventurous. I like hearing or reading about mystical histories and I also like singing and dancing. I love suspense movies, but hate horror movies. I love volleyball, all kinds of desserts, and cats.

South America Travel - Cristina Serrano

Cristina Serrano

Head Galapagos & Ecuador Coordinator

I was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. I am very proud to live in a bio diverse country, full of natural resources and ecosystems. I have over six years of experience working in the tourism industry from travel agencies to tour operators and airlines. I have had the opportunity to travel throughout Ecuador, falling in love with this small country, filled with cheerful and friendly people who look forward to sharing their culture and history with visitors from around the world. My personal goal is to provide people with unforgettable experiences that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives during their visit to Ecuador.

Olivier Dufeu

Olivier Dufeu

Head Argentina Coordinator

Originally from France, I came to Argentina planning to travel and discover for around a year. That was eight years ago! I feel in love with Argentina and Patagonia after traveling the country from North to South. After working in the luxury hotel industry, I became a Travel Coordinator as I most enjoy sharing this paradise that is Argentina and helping people have unique experiences discovering the diversity that exists here, whether that’s reaching an unexllored area of the altiplano at 13,000 ft, or simply having a great conversation with a local over a glass of malbec. Outside of travel I enjoy playing the vilolin, cycling through Buenos Aires, and eating amazing food.


Argentina South America Travel

Andres Storni

Guide – specialist in Argentina 

I was raised in the fields, mountains and hills of Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina. I now reside in Salta where I’ve lived since 2010. I work as a bilingual guide in Salta, Mendoza and Patagonia. I identify not with one job or passion but with many; I am a guide, a gaucho, a horse breaker, a mountaineer and more. I also have a lot of experience and training in first aid, life saving and rescue. My biggest passion is horses because they have been a part of my life since childhood. I love to teach and share my knowledge and experience with others as well as share the beautiful places, traditions and culture that I know. My office is nature and my roof is the stars.

Carolina South America Adventure Travel

Carolina Osiadacz

Guide – specialist in Chilean wine country

Carolina has been involved in the Chilean wine industry for 8 years, starting as a guide and learning everything she could straight from the vineyards and the winemakers themselves. After realizing how much she loved the wine industry, she began her studies at the Sommelier School of Chile to expand her knowledge of wine and spirits. Since then, she has worked in some of the most important vineyards in Chile, including Emiliana Organic Vineyards and Almaviva. Passionate about food and wine, she also spends time working in the best restaurants of Santiago by providing a wine pairing service according to their menus.

Carolina loves outdoor life and traveling. Some of her favorite activities are hiking, trekking, and mountain biking, which she learned while living in a National Park in Canada. She has also traveled through South and North America, and Southeast Asia.

Very charismatic and easygoing, Carolina loves to get to know her travelers and their hobbies and interests, so she can provide them the best experience when they visit Chile.

South America Travel

Mark Knowles

Guide – specialist in Central Chile

Mark has traveled the world racing and guiding on bicycle, training with local teams, meeting great people, and enjoying many beautiful places. Mark chose to settle down in the heart of Chile in 2005, after a three-month cycling adventure through the country in an effort to share information on the health benefits of cycling. Mark is dedicated to increasing the popularity of an active lifestyle in Chile and to bringing the world closer to all of Chile’s natural beauty.

Mark will be your guide from start to finish. With more than twenty years of experience in the cycling industry, coaching and race development, teaching, and nutrition studies (not to mention culinary arts) you will be in good hands on your cycling adventure.

South America Adventure Travel

Manuel Garcia

Guide – specialist in Chile

Manuel has lived abroad for almost twenty years, both in South America and Australia, and this contact with various cultures and languages has given him valuable firsthand experience and a rich view of the worid. Manuel has also travelled extensively in Europe, Africa, Middle East and the US.

Being so passionate about travelling, meeting new people, and exchanging views about different countries, he has devoted himself to working with travelers from all over the world for the past fifteen years. He has also become an excellent wine connoisseur.

His professionalism and understanding of the travel industry, together with his charismatic personality and enthusiasm towards his work ensures Manuel’s travelers a service of prime quality from beginning to end.

Josefina ‘Josie’ Nahoe Mulloy

Josefina ‘Josie’ Nahoe Mulloy

Guide – specialist on Easter Island 

Daughter of a Chilean father, an American mother, and granddaughter of American archeologist William Mulloy who is responsible for the majority of archeological restoration on the island, Josie offers unique perspective, insight, and personal history to Easter Island. After growing up and receiving an education in the U.S., she relocated to her father’s homeland and shortly thereafter received ‘Top Guide of the Year’ in all of Chile. She is regarded not only as the most insightful guide on the island, but the most fun as well and she looks forward to sharing the mystery of Easter Island with you.

Wilfredo Huillca

Wilfredo Huillca

Guide – specialist in the Peruvian Highlands 

Wilfredo was born and raised in Cusco.  After graduating from the San Antonio de Abad University with a degree in Tourism Administration he continued to pursue his passion for music and travel.   He has been guiding treks and tours in the Cusco area since the 80’s and has probably been on the Inca Trail over 250 times!  When Wilfredo is not guiding tourists in Cusco, he is designing and manufacturing traditional Andean musical instruments, which he exports to various countries around the globe. Wilfredo is also an accomplished musician. He plays a variety of instruments including the quena, zampoña, charango and percussion and has performed in concerts in several cities in the United States back in the 90’s. He also has a wide-ranging knowledge on Peruvian culture, society, and politics in addition to insight into Peru’s unique flora and fauna.

Alex Pavel

Alex Pavel Pumacayo

Guide – specialist in the Peruvian Highlands 

Born in Cusco, Alex lives in San Blas, the artistic and handicraft center of the city of Cusco. After graduating as a professional tour guide from the University of San Antonio de Abad in Cusco, he began work as a field assistant in tour operations and has gone on to work in many facets of tourism. One of his primary interests is strengthening Andean cultures through tourism and religious festivals of the Southern Andes. “And of course I love meeting all types of people and sharing my culture.”

Knowmad Adventures South America Travel - Puma Wilber

Ylber Puma Torres 'Puma'

Guide – specialist in the Peruvian Highlands

I was born in a small community 8 hours from the city of Cusco. When I was nine years old, I moved to the Incan capital where I attended elementary and high school at government-run schools. I later went on to achieve a degree as an official guide in Peru. My first language is Quechua, I then learned Spanish in Cusco, and later learned English at a private language school.

I have been working as a guide since 2004. My personal mission is to be a part of the families that come from far away to see our wonderful country, people and learn about our culture. I have to say that I am so happy to share my culture with you and I know you’ll leave the country having felt like you’ve met more than just a guide, but now have a brother from another country.