If You Build It, They Will Come

A big thanks to everyone who helped make March 2010 an incredible month for Knowmad Adventures! After many months of making strong partnerships throughout Chile and Argentina and designing what we feel are incredible travel experiences, we had our first big wave of travelers come and test the waters. Knowmad Adventures will always remember the Ladies in a Lower Latitude, Bama & Co., the Bottani Mafia, the Harvey Marathoners, and Crew Kellenberger. Thanks for believing in us and being the first Knowmads.

The reviews are in and, thanks to all of our amazing local partners, everyone who came left with unbelievable memories and the experience of a lifetime. To see some highlights of their trips and for a taste of the awesome travel experiences available in Chile and Argentina, click on the link below to our new Facebook page:



While you’re there please help us meet our goal of 500 by becoming a fan!

We’ll soon be returning stateside to begin the next chapter of the Knowmad Adventures story. Having designed a wide variety of adventure trips for a diversity of people and interests, we’ll return to Minnesota in June to begin putting a greater focus on marketing and promoting our adventures. We look forward to helping you find your adventure of a lifetime!