Happy Holidays from the Knowmad Family!

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Photo Credit: Kokal Photography

Tidings from our familia to yours this holiday season…

…and my, how our family has grown! Knowmad’s first mini-adventurer, Jordan and Tara’s baby boy Trey, was born into the world last December. We welcomed Renee, Trip Specialist in Peru & Ecuador, to the team and Lisa, Media Manager, moved to Minnesota after a stint working remotely prompting us to expand our office space in south Minneapolis. And, proudly, the number of Knowmad travelers has grown to over one thousand in 2014, exploring lands as far south as the ice caps of Antarctica to the vast landscapes of Patagonia to Incan cultural treasures and to the tropical wonders of the Galapagos Islands.

As winter’s white envelops us and the close of the year comes near, we’re reminded of beginnings again. New life and new chapters. Boundless moments to unfold. The Knowmad family thanks you for sharing in this spirit of limitless possibilities through travel and we wish you a year like no other.

Best Wishes, 

Jordan, Tara & The Knowmad Family