Make It Happen: A List of Inspirational Adventure Treks for 2014

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In my life thus far, I’ve more or less been following a pre-paved path. Up until now, I have always had the next move mapped out in my head, making the years float by blissfully and continuously with no real beginning or end.

This year, having graduated from college in May of 2013, my head is in a different place. As the reality of graduation started to sink in, I began to do a lot of reflecting.

I pinpointed a few personal goals and started to think more seriously about a career path. The thoughts that once motivated me, the thinking that once I’m done with school I can go anywhere and do anything started to create a type of anxiety in me. This “dream big” mentality was met with the more grounding feeling of how am I going to pay for this? and where do I start?

The New Year has taken on a whole new meaning for me. It is a marker that I’ve survived 8 months in the “real world” and a chance to let my pent up hunger for adventure run its course. My resolution for 2014, is to “Make It Happen,” whether that means getting out of a bed an hour earlier or booking a flight abroad.

This year my main goal is to travel, near and far. I want to explore places all over the globe, so in an effort to pick a few, I compiled a master list of “must see before I die” type adventures. My personal focus for my future travels is to spend as much time as I can immersed in nature or the culture I’m visiting. I want to do different adventure treks and outdoor excursions that include hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, etc. 

My Top South American Adventure Treks

When I studied abroad in South America I traveled to the Patagonia region of Argentina, but didn’t cross the border to see Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. One place on my “must see” list is the iconic view of Cuernos del Paine from Lake Pehoe. My ideal trip would combine different adventure treks with some downtime enjoying and learning about local foods. I’m already envisioning a few days of horseback riding, sightseeing via kayak, and a hike to the base of the Towers or the little known “up and over” hike in the French Valley. 

Adventure Treks - Cuernos del Paine Adventure Treks - Horseback riding

Another goal I have is to float in the Cejar Lagoon, a lagoon with a higher salt content than the Dead Sea, located in the Atacama Desert. Ever since I saw pictures from Tara and Jordan’s trip to the Atacama desert last year, it’s been high on my list. 

Adventure Trek

I’ve also been itchin’ to explore mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Specifically, my goal is to hike through the Cloud Forest and snorkel in the Galapagos Islands. 

Cloud Forest 

Adventure Treks - Cloud Forest Adventure Treks - Diving

Another place I didn’t get a chance to visit while in Argentina was Peninsula Valdes, a whale watching and wildlife mecca. That will forever be on my list.

My list doesn’t stop at South America, but I figured it was a good place to start. Of course, for the time being, I am going to have to make some choices, but my rule of thumb for this year is to go for it. I’ve always loved the quote

“A year from now, you’re going to wish you started today.”

This year, you can consider that my motto! 

My ideas are truly endless and my goals are forever evolving. How about you, do you have a “must-see” suggestion to add to my list? Any travel ambitions or adventure treks calling your name? What are some of your goals for 2014? 

 Nos Vemos, Lisa 

South America Travel - Lisa KellenbergerLisa is the Media Manager at Knowmad Adventures, a company dedicated to creating unique, private and custom trips in South America. She studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2012 and is continually planning her next adventure. Read Lisa’s biography and more about the Knowmad team