5 Reasons to Consider Traveling Abroad NOW!

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While everyone has different comfort levels and will begin traveling as they’re ready, we can’t help being ecstatic to be emerging from the fog of 2020/21 and hitting the road. Certainly, there remain additional challenges to traveling abroad that have us at Knowmad on our toes, like juggling testing and requirements for travelers, reviewing partner properties’ latest covid measures, and executing newly implemented operational protocols for guides and team members. However, the trip reports form our returning travelers and our own team members who’ve travelled recently are highlighting many incredible advantages, tangible and otherwise.

Here’s What our Travelers Are Saying

No Crowds At Machu Picchu

ALL THE ADVENTURE, NONE OF THE CROWDS “It was simply unbelievable watching the sunset at a deserted Machu Picchu. I never could have imagined the beauty, and to have one of the Wonder’s of the World virtually to ourselves….unbelievable. I’ve traveled my whole life and never could have dreamed of such an experience.” Katherine – Knowmad Traveler – New York, New York. Now and through the summer is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore both Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands and have them to yourselves. Currently, there are about 5% of the normal visitor numbers.


RENEW YOUR SOUL “My soul felt renewed,” was Renee’s comment after a day snorkeling with sea lions from a deserted beach in Galapagos. “There’s nothing like a trip to mark an end or start to something. I am returning from my trip to Ecuador with a palpable feeling of new beginnings.” Renee – Knowmad Trip Specialist – Boise, Idaho.


Knowmad Adventures Guide Wilfredo

SUPPORTING THE TRAVEL COMMUNITY “I’m so happy to be back to the profession I love most, after a year when our industry was ignored by the government. We’re ready for the best travel season ever!” Wilfredo – Knowmad Guide – Sacred Valley, Peru. Imagine losing your livelihood and passion in the matter of a week, and having not only to deal with the pandemic and lockdowns, but also feeding your family (government support generally unavailable in our areas of operation). Your travel dollars mean more today than they ever will.

Discover why heading south now in search of adventure may be right  for you.


Knowmad Adventures Deals

IT’S NOT THAT HARD “You guys made it all pretty straightforward for us and really, it was smooth sailing.” Sam – Knowmad Traveler -Denver, Colorado.


Knowmad Adventures Travel

MORE FLEXIBILITY AND CUSTOMIZATION THAN EVER “This was pretty much a last-minute trip. Renee at Knowmad Adventures took our preferences and filled in the gaps to create a customized, ideal trip that met all our needs!” Laurie – Knowmad Traveler – Circle Pines, Minnesota.


It has always been our goal to take the stress out of travel planning, and that rings true now more than ever. If you’re interested in crafting a custom trip to South America, reach out to a Knowmad Trip Specialist at 612-315-2894 or fill out the short form above to begin planning today!


Hasta Pronto, Knowmad Adventurers

Knowmad AdventuresKnowmad Adventures works closely with independent-minded travelers creating innovative trips to South America. Our specialists in Patagonia, ChileMachu Picchu, PeruArgentina, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Antarctica are eager to collaborate and create a trip as unique and authentic as you are, and our experienced South American operations team guarantees you get an insider’s perspective, superior values, and a flawlessly-operated trip.