Knowmad Adventures works closely with independent-minded travelers creating innovative trips to South America. Our specialists in Patagonia, Chile, Machu Picchu, Peru, Argentina, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Antarctica are eager to collaborate and create a trip as unique and authentic as you are, and our experienced South American operations team guarantees you get an insider’s perspective, superior values, and a flawlessly operated trip. If you would like to discuss your travel plans or have a question, please call or email.

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Special Interest Groups

As the leader in custom tailored South American travel there is no company better prepared to build a special itinerary incorporating your group’s focus or theme. Special Interest Group Leaders work directly with a Knowmad company owner or a Senior Travel Specialist. Learn more about custom Special Interest Group trips to South America.


Industry professionals looking for a highly specialized, knowledgeable and professional South American trip and travel operator that focuses on custom and private trips are encouraged to contact us for more information. Knowmad works with a select group of agents worldwide. Email [email protected].


Members of the press in need of South American travel expertise and advice in relation to upcoming stories are invited to contact [email protected].