Bolivia Trip Ideas

A country often overlooked when planning South American adventures, Bolivia is a land of extremes, from beautifully desolate salt flats to thick jungles, from mining communities to weaving meccas, and oftentimes perched high above sea level, nestled amongst the Andes Mountains. Few other places offer such extreme natural wonder and rich local and colonial cultures, you’ll often feel as if you’ve gone back in time to another world. Take in the history, flavors and cultures of Bolivian cities like Potosi, Sucre and La Paz, alongside some truly otherworldly environments.

Below are some of Knowmad’s favorite travel experiences in Bolivia. They seamlessly blend must-see highlights with off-the-beaten-path explorations, all the while taking into consideration the best flow and pacing necessary to truly experience each region they include.


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About this Region

regions to travel to in Bolivia

UYUNI These otherworldly salt flats stretch on for miles, filled with natural wonders and local cultures

POTOSI Once a world-renowned mining area, Potosi is filled with a rich history of silver mining.

SUCRE Nestled high in the mountains, Sucre is filled with museums, cathedrals, and history.

LA PAZ Take a cable car to see both the cities cultural significance and its natural beauty.

Customize This Bolivia Trip

Bolivia sees all four seasons, however the prominent two are the dry season from April to October and the rainy season from November to March (this can vary slightly depending on the year).

In the high altiplano region including La Paz and Uyuni, the rainy season, which brings out the magical mirror effect on the salt flats, is quite stunning, however flooding can cause some locations to become inaccessible. However even though it’s rainy, sunshine and slightly warmer temps are common. The dry season, meanwhile, will bring clear skies and sunny days. Daytime temperatures are quite high but nights can be very cold, often falling well below freezing. The biggest advantage of arriving during the dry season is that everywhere in Uyuni is accessible, and there’s very little risk of being stuck in the rugged roads.

For the central Bolivian mountain region (that includes Sucre and Potosi), the weather varies from cool and humid to semi-arid. Most of the year tends to be dry and sunny, with temperatures from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, however nights can get chilly, dropping to just above freezing, and snow is possible to find in the higher mountains.

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