2014 Annual South America Travel Photography Contest Results

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Our 2014 Annual South America Travel Photography Contest results are in! Travelers captured moments from all over South America including photos from Patagonia, Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, Easter Island, the Peruvian Amazon, the cloud forest in Ecuador, and more. With all of the incredible entries it was tough to pick our favorites. See our top three picks for Adventure, City Scape, Culture, Flora, Foodie, Landscape Scenery, Portrait, and Wildlife below and scroll to the bottom to find out who won the Knowmad Adventures Grand Prize – a 3 day / 2 night stay at the Reserva Amazonica Jungle Lodge (valued at $545). Thank you to our Knowmad travel photographers for a fantastic year!


Patagonia Travel Photography

First Place Kayaking the Grey by Jackie Pflaum-Carlson

Kayaking amongst massive glaciers was just one of many adventures the Carlson’s experienced on their trip to Torres del Paine National Park last October.

Peru South America Travel Photography

Second Place Jungle Walk by Andrea Byron 

Marilyn and Jeff Peterson collaborated with Knowmad to put together the family trip of a lifetime to Peru this past year. During their time in the Peruvian Amazon their daughter Andrea captured this stomach-dropping treetop photo!

Peru Travel Photography

THIRD PLACE Back Packs After A Long Journey by Lisa Jones

After days of hiking the Inca Trail, this group took a well deserved rest and enjoyed the scenery.

City Scape

Chile South America Travel Photography

First Place A South American Skyline by Jerry Pearo

A beautiful night shot taken of Valparaiso during the Pearo’s trip to Chile and Easter Island last year.

Chile & Argentina South America Travel Photography

Second Place The Colors of a City by Loren Ward

Loren and Heath Ward started off in Buenos Aires, spent time in both Argentine and Chilean Patagonia and rounded off their trip in Valparaiso, where they snapped this beautiful photo.

Ecuador Travel Photography

Third Place Ecuador by Katherine Gee Olson

A lovely photo of urban life in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, taken during Katherine’s trip to the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador.


Lake Titicaca Peru - Travel Photography

First Place Lake Titicaca Culture by Ezra Raez

Taken on one of the last days of the Raez group trip, this photo is a lovely depiction of life on Lake Titicaca. The Raez group trip to Peru included hiking the Salkantay Trail, exploring Machu Picchu, and kayaking in Lake Titicaca. Click the following link to see more photos and the full Salkantay Trail, Peru travel itinerary.

Ecuador Travel Photography

Second Place Hand-Weaving in Ecuador submitted by Eric Janus & Friends

This photo was taken on the Januses and friends’ second trip with us. Having experienced Patagonia on their first trip they decided to embark on a wonderful Ecuador tour the second time around. Click the following link to see more photos and their full Ecuador vacation itinerary.

Peru Salt Mines Travel Photography

Third Place Life in Maras by Erica Goodman

The Maras salt ponds are truly fascinating. Located in the Sacred Valley, they are the perfect excursion to consider during your time in Peru. This is a lovely photo taken on the Peterson Group’s trip to Peru last year.


Ecuador South America Travel Photography

First Place Flower Hunting in Ecuador by Peter Stark

On their third trip with Knowmad, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum went to mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Peter snapped this incredibly detailed photo during trip to Ecuador’s cloud forest.

Peru Trip Photography

Second Place Wildflowers on the Salkantay Trail by Ezra Raez

Hiking the Salkantay Trail was one of many highlights on the Raez group trip to Peru.

Ecuador Travel Photography

Third Place Discoveries in Ecuador by Mary Connelly 

After spending a few days exploring the city of Quito, Mary – along with the other Minnesota Landscape Arboretum travelers – spent some time in the Mindo Cloud Forest, where she was able to capture this delicate flower beautifully.


Peru Travel Photography

First Place Guinea Pig by Ezra Raez

A traditional and common protein in Peru, this photo shows the preparation of the guinea pig in the Sacred Valley.

Sacred Valley Peru Travel Photography

Second Place Lunch with a View by Gina Grammatica

After hiking around Moray and Maras earlier that day, the Grammatica family enjoyed lunch in an absolutely surreal setting in the Sacred Valley. Follow the link to see more photos from this unforgettable family trip to Peru.

Torres del Paine National Park Trip

Third Place Salud! by Tom Page

A Martini drinker’s view of the Torres del Paine mountains from the Page’s room at the Explora Lodge in Patagonia. What a dream!

Landscape Scenery

Torres del Paine Travel Photography

First Place Torres del Paine National Park at Sunset by Jackie Plfaum-Carlson

Jackie and Keith spent almost 10 days in Chile, starting in Santiago and ending in Patagonia where Jackie took this whimsical photo of the infamous Paine mountain range.

Galapagos Islands Travel Photography

Second Place The Galapagos Islands by Peter Stark

One of the many peaceful views of the Galapagos Islands. Taken last year on the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum trip to Ecuador.

Ecuador Travel Photography

Third Place Ecuador by Katherine Gee Olson

An absolutely stunning view of life in the Ecuadorian Amazon. This photo was taken on the second half of the Olson’s trip to mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.


Chile Travel South America

First Place Relaxation by Roy Krengel 

Mollie taking a sun break on the Krengel’s trip to Chile last winter. What a great way to escape the cold in the United States! Click the following link for more photos from their Patagonia, Chilean wine country, and Valparaiso trip.

South America Travel Photography

Second PLace The Infamous Galapagos Tortoise by Ethel Smith

A great shot of Dennis during the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum special interest group trip to the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador.

Peru Travel Photography

Third Place The Peruvian Blanket from Ron and Russell Phillips-Thomas

After a few blissful days in Lima and the Peruvian Amazon Russell and Ron headed towards the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. This photo captures the action of the markets in Peru!

Peru Travel

honorable Mention The Hat of 60 Inca Trails from Ann Verstegen 

The story behind the photo really grabbed us on this one. Ann says of the photo, “I was able to purchase this hat from this young man, and was told that the hat had been worn on 60 Inca Trail trips!! What a keepsake of our incredible journey!”


Chile Photography

First Place Spotted. by Sam Murphy

We can’t even believe this shot of an illusive mountain lion captured by Sam during the Murphy’s family vacation to Patagonia and other areas in Chile including Chiloe Island, Valparaiso, and Chilean wine country.


Ecuador Wildlife Photography

Second PLACE Butterflies by Mary Connelly

A difficult photo to take, this butterfly shot is impressive. Mary was one of the many wonderful Minnesota Landscape Arboretum travelers that visited mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands last year.

Peru Llama Travel Photography

Third Place All Dressed and Ready to Go by Erica Goodman

During the Peterson’s time in Peru Erica spotted this very fashionable alpaca.

Easter Island Travel Photography

Honorable Mention A Lucky Bunch by Jerry Pearo 

A rainbow acts as the perfect frame for these wild horses in Chile. Follow the link for more photos from the Pearo’s custom Chile and Easter Island trip.


The Annual Travel Photography Contest Grand Prize Winner Is…

Peru South America Travel Photography

Grand Prize Cusco Market by Ezra Raez

Congratulations, Ezra!  We absolutely love the thoughtful moment you captured in this photo and we want  to thank you for sending in over 100 incredible shots. You are the winner of a 3 day / 2 night stay at the Reserva Amazonica Jungle Lodge (valued at $545) in Peru!

Wow! Another successful South America travel photography year. Thanks again to all Knowmad travelers!


Hasta Pronto, Knowmad Adventurers

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