Knowmad News: Published in Frommer’s Again!

It was rewarding last year when Frommer’s Budget Travel made our Northern Patagonia Odyssey itinerary their Featured Real Deal Trip as it’s an innovative and authentic itinerary that makes the Patagonia more accessible. Far more rewarding however, the magazine recently interviewed the Seviers who found us by way of the Frommer’s accolade, took the trip, and were blown away by how well it facilitated them being a part of the diverse cultures of the region.

(as published in Frommer’s Budget Travel, May/June 2012)

“My wife, Sarah, and I live in Manhattan. As lifelong big-city dwellers, a trip to Chilean Patagonia was a 180-degree change for us. We wanted to be immersed, not pampered. Only twice did we eat in restaurants – instead, we ate with our hosts in local homes. We stayed with a couple in Cochamo Valley – at one point we were eating fresh salmon the husband had caught the day before from the river that runs through their property. What I remember most: the wood stoves. There’s one in everybody’s kitchen, going 24 hours a day. The coffee’s always on, and you can smell the wood smoke all throughout the house. I’m desperate to find a way to import those stoves to New York—I just don’t know too many landlords who would allow it.”

–Ben Sevier, New York, NY

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