Meet Jena: Go Getter, Knowmad Trip Specialist + Colombia Travel Expert

Mix an adventurous, enthusiastic go-getter with a cool and collected travel expert and you’ll get Jena Davison, our newest Knowmad Adventures Trip Specialist. Find out how she landed in the travel industry, why she thinks Colombia travel should be on your radar, and more here:

Working as a Trip Specialist for Knowmad Adventures, a travel company that specializes in creating custom trips to South America, was a natural fit for me as I have a thirst for adventure, an appreciation for Latin culture, and years of travel industry experience. I am endlessly inspired and humbled by the people and places of South America, and I can’t wait to help you experience all of it!


Let’s Chat: Colombia Travel, Chile’s Iconic Extremes + More!

A Little Bit About Me + How I Got Into The Travel Industry

Growing up in New Jersey I spent a lot of time visiting New York City, a multicultural vibrant metropolitan, that initially cultivated my desire to learn more about the world. My first trip abroad was to Israel, which sparked my interest in travel, but my passion for adventure fully ignited when I studied abroad in Barcelona. After college graduation I booked a one-way ticket to Argentina and ended up living and working – at a hostel in Uruguay and a guidebook company in Ecuador – in South America for over 4 years. Ultimately, everything came full circle, I moved back to New York five years ago and today I find joy in crafting unique and authentic travel experiences in South America, one of my favorite places in the world.

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Where To Go Next

Colombia has it all: charming colonial towns, breathtaking scenery, unique cultural encounters, and, most notably, vibrant and hospitable people. The best way to experience all that Colombia has to offer is by spending time in a few different regions and incorporating a variety of activities – keep reading for a quick look at one of my favorite Colombia itineraries right now.

Awe-Inspiring Colombia Travel Experience 
2 Nights – Bogota
No visit to Colombia’s lively capital city is complete without a visit to the Gold Museum, which contains the largest collection of gold artifacts in the world.

3 Nights – Zona Cafetera
Immerse yourself in the Andes and explore the Colombia Coffee Region. To enjoy a one-of-a-kind luxury lodge experience, stay at Hacienda Bambusa and take advantage of their relaxing, beautiful property and private, guided excursions including, but not limited to: meeting local coffee farmers and exploring their sustainable coffee plantation, an amazing horseback ride through the mountains and banana plantations, leisurely bamboo floating on the river, and/or visiting Cocora Valley – a UNESCO world heritage site known for its enormous wax palm trees.

3 Nights – Cartagena
Round out your trip in Cartagena, a vibrant Caribbean coastal town dotted with colorful colonial buildings, cobblestone streets and plazas ideal for people-watching. Dance salsa in the streets, try tropical fruits at the local market, watch the sunset from atop the old city walls, and snorkel and island-hop in the Rosario Islands before saying, “I wish we didn’t have to leave!”

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What’s Hot Right Now

I’m loving our Chile’s Iconic Extremes: Patagonia + Atacama Desert itinerary. It’s the perfect mix of sophistication and adventure while highlighting two of the most breathtaking destinations in the world.

Chile’s Iconic Extremes 
Santiago – 3 Nights
Discover the cultural and historic treasures of Santiago as you explore Chile’s capital city.

Torres del Paine – 4 Nights
Journey through this beloved national park and marvel at its stunning and unending natural beauty. Mix active adventure with luxury and relaxation, read our Best Patagonia Luxury Lodges article to find out which Patagonia lodge is the best fit for you.

Atacama – 4 Nights
With its otherworldly terrain, the Atacama Desert is a magnificent destination for adventurers. Although San Pedro de Atacama is a small town, it contains some of the best boutique lodges in the world, use our Atacama’s Top Hotels article as a resource to decide which accommodation is the best fit for your travel style, budget, and interests.

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One Thing I Always Have in My Carry-On

I always have headphones and a pen (for immigration forms!).


The Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Eaten Abroad

I try to eat the local delicacy everywhere I go, so it may not be a “weird” or unique food for all but I’ve eaten: guinea pig in Ecuador, alpaca in Peru, fried grasshopper in Mexico, and a variety of insects in Asia among others things!


Jena is a well-versed Trip Specialist at Knowmad Adventures, if you’re interested in creating a custom South America trip, give her a call at 612-315-2894 or send her an email at [email protected]. Our team is here to help you plan the trip of your dreams, let’s get started!


Hasta pronto, Jena

Knowmad Adventures Travel Jena Davison Jena is a Trip Specialist at Knowmad Adventures, a company dedicated to creating unique, private and custom trips in South America. Studying abroad in Spain during college ignited her love affair with the Spanish language and Latin culture. This only grew as she lived in Quito, Ecuador for four years, explored countless regions of South America, and began her career in the travel industry. She is endlessly inspired and humbled by the people and places of South America.