MN Landscape Arboretum Trip Returns from Chile and Argentina


Although a skyscraper sized plume of volcanic ash interfered just a bit with our crossing the border back from Argentina to Chile, it only heightened the excitement of this year’s University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum trip to South America with Knowmad.

Director Emeritus Peter Olin, Knowmad Co-founder Jordan Harvey, and a sold-out trip of twenty adventurous travelers went from charming boutique wineries in Central Chile, down to remote Chiloe Island, by boat through the Andean temperate rainforest and Patagonia, and onward to Argentina’s Lakes District in a two-week odyssey filled with good eats (even some cooked underground!), amazing cultural interactions (impromptu bathroom stops can have the most interesting of results), out-of-this-world landscapes, and no shortage of laughs. We can’t wait for Peru in the spring of 2013! For those who are interested in joining, stay tuned for the official itinerary release this summer.