Founders Journey Part II: Lodges of the Atacama Desert

Before saying “adios” to Chile, Jordan and Tara had to visit the fabulous Atacama Desert lodges and went for their highest summit yet!

Arrival in the Spanish colonial pueblo of San Pedro de Atacama. 
The Alto Atacama Lodge blends almost seamlessly into its environment with buildings constructed from local materials. 
Dusk at the salt flats.
Desert landscapes are so varied with sand dunes, mineral deposits and rock formations contrasting with the cloudless sky.
Tara and Jordan standing nervously on a rock outcropping over Death Valley.
Nothing like a little dip in the pool after a day in the desert.
The private porch off the room at Alto Atacama. 
Next lodge: Explora Atacama.
A lovely hike through what’s known as the “Cactus Canyon.”
You can’t hide from the desert sun here!
The amazing spread waiting at the end of the hike. 
Natural thermal hot spring – the perfect temperature.
Tara and Jordan with their horses in front of a small church dedicated to the saint of rain.
Jordan galloping up a sand dune.
Tara and guide Carolina on a high altitude trek. 
Last lodge: Tierra Atacama, on of the Harvey’s all-time favorites.
Modern architecture mixed with natural elements. 
The monk rock formation.
Tara at Salar de Tara which means “white salt flat” in the local Kunza language. 
Flamingos feasting on crustaceans. 
Summiting the over 18,000 ft. Cerro Toco Volcano.
Ciao for now Atacama. Until next time!