And the Earth Shook

The dogs barked around four a.m. Their persistence awoke me, gently. Quieting suddenly, the house began to shake. Not a hysterical shake or a seizing fit, but a deep and distant trepidation lasting for minutes. “It’s your first earthquake baby,” I said as we drifted back to sleep.

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The Fu

Next up was a trip further south to the world-famous Futaleufu river (a.k.a the Fu); home of hands down the best rafting in South America. With long stretches of rapid-filled, turquoise waters, it’s a natural paradise. Rafting is just the beginning; test your hand at fly-fishing, mountain bike through the temperate rainforest, gallop along the riverbank on horseback, and watch the stars from the riverside hot tub. The best part is you’ll share this wilderness playground with Patagonian cowboys, self-sustaining homesteaders, the birds, and very, very few other lucky souls. We’ve found the best guides on the river, luxury camping that will make you never want to leave, and a team of people that elevate a trip to Patagonia’s river country into a life-changing experience. Seriously people, who’s ready for the trip of a lifetime.


When one decides to start an adventure travel company it’s not because they envision spending sixty hours a week staring at a computer. Researching, calling, emailing, circling back, requesting quotes, revising, crunching numbers, crunching again, doing data analysis, until the day arrives that you realize you haven’t walked outside, left the desk or changed out of your pajamas and it’s ten o’clock…in the evening. And that’s when it’s time to hit the road.

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knowmad adventures write a review

Thank you. By taking the time to share your travel experiences with Knowmad you are not only helping us and supporting our company, but you are being a voice for adventure and enabling us to continue to build active, authentic and sustainable travel in South America.

We truly appreciate your help in this ever-evolving technological world.


Hasta Pronto, Knowmad Adventurers!

Knowmad AdventuresKnowmad Adventures works closely with independent-minded travelers creating innovative trips to South America. Our specialists in Patagonia, ChileMachu Picchu, PeruArgentina, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Antarctica are eager to collaborate and create a trip as unique and authentic as you are, and our experienced South American operations team guarantees you get an insider’s perspective, superior values, and a flawlessly-operated trip.


Tara Harvey – Knowmad Adventures

Knowmad Adventures Tara Harvey

“Having been born with a substantial wanderlust tick, I’ve been perpetually focused on the next great adventure. Hopping a flight to some far-flung destination doesn’t have me skipping a beat – I’m endlessly inspired by the cultures, food, colors, and idiosyncrasies I discover. Ironically though, part of what I take away from travel is a deeper sense and appreciation of home. Gaining new perspectives abroad gives me a fresh outlook on my day to day. Here in Minneapolis, I strive to live locally, while thinking globally. I feel so lucky that Knowmad has enabled me to be a part of people’s life journeys.”
– Tara Harvey, Co-Founder & Operations

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Lisa Kellenberger – Knowmad Adventures

Knowmad Adventures - Lisa Kellenberger

“I am an outdoor-loving, food-enthusing Minnesotan. Attracted to the culture, language and mystery of South America, I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2012. After living with a family and traveling in my spare time, I can safely say I feel a sense of home in South America. I am a graduate of University of Colorado – Boulder with a degree in Anthropology and certificates in Technology, Arts, & Media, and Entrepreneurial Business. I believe that life is a rhythm and development, and travel has encouraged me to expand my perspective and grow. My passion for culture and exploration was only strengthened while living abroad and today I continue to live my next adventure.”
– Lisa Kellenberger, Media Manager

A dynamic photographer, Lisa focuses on food, lifestyle, outdoor experiences and landscape photography. Her passion for the visual world has encouraged her to explore places all over the globe in search of new experiences. For her, photography serves as a way of organizing her thoughts, preserving memories and sharing stories. Lisa currently lives in Bend, Oregon where she works remotely for Knowmad Adventures managing the blog, newsletter and social media platforms among other marketing initiatives. Her work is primarily featured on the Knowmad blog and has also been in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Design Mom and more. See a sample of her work below:

Lisa Kellenberger - Lifestyle Photography Argentine Empanada Recipe Lisa Kellenberger Lifestyle Photography Machu Picchu Travel Knowmad Adventures World Cup Brazil

Photographs also published in:

If you’re interested in collaborating with Lisa and Knowmad please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can e-mail Lisa at [email protected].

*To Note: Lisa will be traveling to Chile in March, if you’d like to work with her in conjunction with her trip, please contact her before February 29th.



Chimichurri Recipe Knowmad Adventures

It doesn’t take much to recognize that Argentina is famous for their steak. We’ve heard the locals boast about it, the magazines talk about, and the travelers rave about it. Even more delicious is Argentine steak paired with a savory chimichurri sauce. For our Argentine Chimichurri Steak Sauce Recipe click here…

. Conde Naste Traveler - Knowmad Adventures

CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER EXPERIENCE MAKERS AWARDThey call us The Experience Makers; a compilation of travel experts from all across the world organized into four glossy pages of Condé Nast Traveler’s December issue. We’re honored to be a part of this list, named for “custom trips to Patagonia’s most far-flung corners.” Find out why here…

Torres del Paine National Park Knowmad Adventures

24 HOURS IN PATAGONIA 6:30am – “We awoke to a red glow seeping through our cabaña’s windows and rolled over to a sunrise like no other…” Knowmad founders Tara and Jordan Harvey give an in-depth account of 24 hours in Patagonia for Artful Living Magazine from their latest trip to the Southern Hemisphere.

Gift Guide for the Explorer

GIFT GUIDE FOR THE EXPLORERAn inspirational gift guide for the explorer in your life, whether they are globe trotting the world or forging new paths around town, we’ve got gift ideas for the ones in your life that motivate you to push the boundaries…


La Navidad – Christmas in Chile

Our first Christmas as a married couple was spent here on the farm. Just as back in the suburbs of Minnesota, Christmas preparations start early. Senora Berta – once a neighbor and increasingly a surrogate mother to us here on the farm – was frantically baking cookies and breads weeks ahead of time. The hour was surely upon us when we were butchering and salting a choice lamb for a typical holiday barbeque. There isn’t anything quite like fresh, farm-raised lamb roasted for hours on a spit.

On Christmas Eve watched little Thomas open his imported Legos. I couldn’t help but draw comparisons; our customs different in that Chileans for the most part exchange gifts on the eve, but similar in that men feign mild excitement over new underwear while boys beam over their new toys.

We missed all our family and friends greatly and are reminded, both by the weight of their absence and the sincere care of others, what a powerful holiday Christmas can be. 

El Cliente: South America Travel

South America Travel
We recently said goodbye to our first client. Christopher hails from the sweltering bayous of Alabama, proudly wielding the moniker ‘Bama’, but he will forever go down in the halls of Knowmad Adventures as ‘el cliente’. His journey was an unforgettable one for him and monumental for us. After trying his hardest to miss a bus or plane, he’s already planning the return.

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Valley of the Gods – Chile


It’s not dumb luck or simple coincidence that we live in this precise point of Chile, with her supermodel measurements. Glacial lakes are warmed by towering, crotchety volcanoes and feed raging rivers—offering a plethora of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. An almost overwhelming array of options really. And after what seems like months of getting “settled” we’re faced with the not-so-little task of choosing the best of the best, and then linking them together. We set up meeting after meeting, we scour the internet, leaf through the guidebooks. The brochures pile up along with our nerves.

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Making the Most out of the Patagonia Region: Combining Argentina + Chile

Patagonia Region Travel

Impressive mountaintops, pristine glaciers, and adventurous trekking draws travelers to Patagonia: 400,000 square miles that span the southern regions of both Chile and Argentina. This wild wilderness knows no man-made borders, and it can be difficult to decide between visiting Argentine Patagonia or Chilean Patagonia. The great news is that we can combine the highlights of both countries into one fabulous Patagonia region adventure!

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Renee’s Staff Itinerary Pick: A Luxury Machu Picchu, Peru, Trip

Luxury Machu Picchu Travel

Peru was the first country to steal my heart in South America, and I’m still in awe today by everything it has to offer. Combine stunning landscapes of the high Andes mountains, rolling hills, and lush green cloud forest with colonial cities, marvelous Incan ruins, a diverse culture, fascinating history, friendly people, mouthwatering food, and some of the most spectacular yet authentic accommodations around, and you have Peru. There’s not much more that I could ask for in a perfect destination.

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Thoughts From Dan’s Experience Abroad: Where To Go + What To Do In Chile

What to do in Chile

Knowmad Adventures is a company that specializes in crafting private, custom trips to South America. One of the perks of employment at Knowmad is getting to travel to and experience all of the wonders of the continent we love. Having meaningful adventures in the countries we sell travel to not only serves as personal enrichment, but also professional. Visiting the region allows us to test out the services we sell and use our up-to-date, first-hand knowledge to continue improving trips for our travelers.

In January, our wonderful Accountant Dan and his fiancé Kelsey decided to take advantage of this unique job benefit by working remotely, living and traveling in Chile. Since their arrival, they have lived in Santiago and the coastal town of La Serena. They have also traveled throughout the country, from the Lakes District and far south to Patagonia all the way to the Atacama Desert in the north. In addition to exploring much of the central region of Chile, they also visited Argentina’s wine country.

After more than 6 months of exploring, we asked Dan to sit down and tell us more about what he has discovered during his time in South America, and how his travels abroad have changed his perspective.

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