The Other Side of Sustainability

Fellow Knowmad, frequent contributor, and ocean conservation guru Devin Harvey weighs in on the sustainability discussion.

Sustainability—the term, the concept, the practice—is now firmly implanted in the modern, global zeitgeist. No longer is it some radical, hippie-dippie theoretical construct reserved for the zealous environmentalist. Today, even corporate is climbing on board the sustainable train (though perhaps they waited a bit longer to see if that train was chugging—on renewable energy—toward Cashtown). Companies that value the lifespan of the commodities they buy, trade and sell, as well as the stakeholders and resources involved, will more often than not reap long-term financial benefits. While corporate buy-in to the sustainability mantra is essential for reversing global environmental decline, individuals play a significant role in steering public discourse when they shop, eat, and even travel.

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Parting Shots: Atacama Desert, Chile

A big thank you to Ed & Suzette for these breathtaking shots from the Atacama Desert , Chile. Their itinerary included excursions to salt flats, geysers, petroglyphs, volcanoes and traditional altiplano villages. Returning to the lodge in the evening, poolside relaxation, gourmet cuisine with Chilean wine, and the world’s most vivid night sky were just what the doctor ordered.

Peru Unveiled

Enshrouded in cloud forest and perched amongst Andean peaks sits a vast ancient city lost to civilization until only the last century. After Spanish conquest drove the Incans from their capital Cusco and the surrounding areas, it didn’t take the jungle long to reclaim Machu Picchu, concealing it from mankind for hundreds of years.

How To Travel Like A Knowmad: Stories From Kayli’s Trip + Things To Do in Argentina + Chile

Things to do in Argentina and Chile

Kayli, an Operations Specialist at Knowmad Adventures, and her partner Evan followed the path of one of our favorite Chile and Argentina combination itineraries. They began in Argentina’s colorful capital city, Buenos Aires, traveled south to the glaciers and mountains on both the Argentine and Chilean side of expansive Patagonia, and topped it off with a quick stop in the Lakes District before departing via Santiago in Chile. Read on for their best-loved moments, dramatic photographs, what they learned, and more.

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2017 Travel + Leisure A-List Winner: Jordan Harvey is the Best Trip Planner for Argentina + Chile!

Best Trip Planners South America

The results are in and Knowmad’s Co-Founder, Jordan Harvey, has won the 2017 Travel + Leisure’s A-List Best Trip Planner for Argentina + Chile! The A-List is Travel + Leisure’s annual selection of the world’s best travel agents and destination specialists, and we’re honored to be recognized on this list for the 5th year in a row.

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