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Jordan’s Staff Itinerary Pick: Finding Fate on Easter Island

Easter Island, Patagonia - Chile Trip

Sometimes I feel there are but a few moments, a few exact moments, that really shape our fate in life. They’re those moments that, when we talk about them, we end by saying things like “And from there I never turned back.” Sure other things fall in place and contribute, but ultimately it’s that one moment, or small collection of moments, where a course of events or direction became not a matter of choice or chance, but something destined to happen.

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Parting Shots: Two Weeks in Peru – Inca Trail, Machu Picchu + Lake Titicaca

Family Trip to Peru, Machu Picchu + Lake Titicaca
Photos by Knowmad traveler Katie Henly

In this multi-generational custom family trip, a group of 7 travelers visited Peru on a bucket list-worthy adventure. Read on to see how they combined the Sacred Valley, the Inca Trail, and Lake Titicaca in a fun, active way.

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Forbes Travel + Knowmad Adventures: Adrenaline + Zen – Five Trips of a Lifetime

Forbes Travel Knowmad Adventures Forbes Travel Peru Knowmad Adventures

“Sitting on a beach with a tropical cocktail is all well and good, but a lot of us get bored with that after about ten minutes. We’d rather do something that makes us feel alive. Testing our limits is (sometimes scary) fun, and as travel has come to be less about architecture and more about experiences, a great trip is one that sparks a personal transformation.

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