Easter Island Trip Highlights

  • Visit sites of over 600 Moai statues
  • Relax on deserted beaches
  • Legend, culture and mystery in Polynesian paradise

Itinerary Overview

Come discover the rich history and traditions of Easter Island, the world’s most isolated speck of land. Meander through the picturesque countryside dotted with volcanoes, and learn about the mysterious Moai statues erected by the original Polynesian tribes who inhabited the island. You’ll have opportunities to relax on deserted, white sand beaches, explore volcanic caves with petroglyphs, and walk the rim of a seaside volcano.Easter Island Heads

DAY 1  rano kau – ornogo

Visit Hanga Roa Village with its lone Moai before heading to Rano Kau, a colorful volcano rising high above the Pacific with a freshwater lake filling its crater. Learn of the ‘bird man’ legend, see an amazing string of petro-glyphs and explore the ancient ruins of Orongo.

DAY 2 vaihu – akahanga -rano raruku quarry – anakena beach

Head to the southern coast and visit Ahus Vaihu and Akahanga where you’ll see 100-ton basalt Moai gaurding their sacred grounds. Visit Rano Raruku volcano where nearly 400 Moais are scattered throughout the volcano rim in various states of completion long after the mysterious disappearance of their carvers. End the day with a swim at Anakena beach, whose white sands were the landing place of Hotu Matu’a, thought to have discovered the island.

DAY 3 ahu vinapu – puna pau quarry – ana te pahu cave

Visit Ahu Vinapu, whose Moai platform is heralded as the most intricate stone work on the island. You will also see the Puna Pau quarry, a small volcano where the Red Scoria stone is found, which was used to make the headdresses or ‘topknots’ adorning some of the Moai. Finish the day exploring the Ana Te Pahu cave and learn how these volcanically formed caverns were an intricate part of Rapa Nui civilization.

DAY 4 hanga roa

Explore the handicraft market, Catholic Church, and the archaeological museum in Hanga Roa, as well as the Anai Kai Tangata cave paintings.
*Choose to go fishing with a local or scuba diving in pristine waters.

DAY 5 depart

Depart from your Easter Island travel week.

Is It For Me?

A tropical paradise with history, culture and mystery at every beautiful turn. This Easter Island travel experience will captivate any traveler.

Knowmad has vast knowledge and operations in Chile; this is a private trip and we are happy to modify excursions, accommodations, and the flow of the itinerary to perfectly suit your travel style and interests.

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Important Info

Easter Island Head Side Angle


Listed prices are approximations. All Knowmad trips are custom and exact pricing is provided in your trip proposal.

  • $2,500 per person / 2 travelers

TYPE Flexible Date Private Departures. You choose the date, your travel companions and one of our adventures. This is great for families, groups of friends and couples.

LIGHT TO MODERATE TRIP Activities include hiking, swimming, archeology and anthropology, visits to ancient ruins & cultural opportunities *optional scuba diving or fishing

departures Year round; can be set up to match your travel dates.

LENGTH 5 days (suggested 4 day minimum)               BEGIN / END Easter Island

Air Travel

INTERNATIONAL Airfare is not included in the land cost of our trips. You may arrange your international airfare independently, or we are happy to offer our feedback and assistance in helping you book it.

REGIONAL If booked by Knowmad Adventures, internal airfare for this trip (Santiago/Easter Island/Santiago) averages between $600 and $1,000 USD, however this is an approximation and the airfare is subject to change upon booking. If you would like to arrange your own regional flights, please consult us prior so we can verify the departure and arrival times.

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Weather & When to Go to Easter Island

Easter Island has nice weather year round. Throughout the year daily average temperatures are in the 70s and 80s F with evenings generally in the 60s and 70s F. North America and Europe’s summer is Easter Island’s winter so those are the slight cooler months with slightly fewer sunny days, but temperatures during the day will still be in the 70s F.

Easter Island Weather

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Accomodations in Easter Island

Extend Your Adventure


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