Destination: South America

Knowmad News: “Tis the Season to Lend

Tidings from all at Knowmad Adventures! There’s just something about the holiday season that makes us feel lucky. Maybe it’s that we’re warm and toasty inside as it grows frosty outside, but I think it’s the fact that we just are plain lucky. We find ourselves thriving in a downturned economy, living our dream, and

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Culture: La Prisa Mata

As the holidays descend upon us, with shoppers forming lines at insane twilight hours to get into their favorite retail stores and buy, with Santa Claus is Coming to Town playing in malls before Thanksgiving even, and lists being checked and rechecked – I’d like to share this image by a graffiti artist in Valparaiso,

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Win this FREE Daypack & Knowmad Gear!

Win this FREE daypack and Knowmad gear! How? 1) ‘Like’ the Knowmad Adventures page on Facebook. 2) Get your Facebook friends to ‘like’ our page too. (Hint: More the merrier! The more friends of yours that like our page, the better chance you have to win.) 3) Once we reach 1,000 likes we’ll choose a

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World Wide Image

Local Peruvian Woman

Oh my life is rough – here I’ve been finding myself going through countless amazing images of South America as my job. Couldn’t help but share some of these that haven’t quite made it into any of our publications yet… Un Beso, Tara Ps. All of these photos were taken on travels to South America

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Pin Us on Pinterest

Because images are some of our most beloved things here at Knowmad (after traveling of course), we are more than thrilled to announce our arrival to one of the most amazing image sharing sites out there – If you haven’t heard about it, and beautiful photos of anything and everything from pets to hair

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The Other Side of Sustainability


Fellow Knowmad, frequent contributor, and ocean conservation guru Devin Harvey weighs in on the sustainability discussion. Sustainability—the term, the concept, the practice—is now firmly implanted in the modern, global zeitgeist. No longer is it some radical, hippie-dippie theoretical construct reserved for the zealous environmentalist. Today, even corporate is climbing on board the sustainable train (though

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Thank you. By taking the time to share your travel experiences with Knowmad you are not only helping us and supporting our company, but you are being a voice for adventure and enabling us to continue to build active, authentic and sustainable travel in South America. We truly appreciate your help in this ever-evolving technological

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Tara Harvey – Knowmad Adventures

Knowmad Adventures Tara Harvey

“Having been born with a substantial wanderlust tick, I’ve been perpetually focused on the next great adventure. Hopping a flight to some far-flung destination doesn’t have me skipping a beat – I’m endlessly inspired by the cultures, food, colors, and idiosyncrasies I discover. Ironically though, part of what I take away from travel is a

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Lisa Kellenberger – Knowmad Adventures

“I am an outdoor-loving, food-enthusing Minnesotan. Attracted to the culture, language and mystery of South America, I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2012. After living with a family and traveling in my spare time, I can safely say I feel a sense of home in South America. I am a graduate

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