Destination: South America

Gift Guide for the Explorer

Gift Guide Knowmad Adventures

Song by Sam Cooke The holiday season encourages us to pause and think about those we are grateful for. Giving a gift can be a great way to say thank you or share in a friend’s passion and interests.

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Celebrating 6 Years of South America Travel

South America Travel Specialists - Knowmad Adventures

I came across this lovely little verse the other day and confused emotion swelled within me. We talk a lot about experiences, adventures and journeys here at Knowmad Adventures and it’s likely that we’re referring to a week or two in South America. Frankly, for us this has become almost commonplace as we have the

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The Story of a Name: Knowmad & Nomad Adventures

Nomad Adventures vs. Knowmad Adventures South America Travel

How does one go about picking a name? It’s a strange concoction that comes together…a little bit impulse, but also thought out. Something that sounds good, but also encompasses meaning. Something that defines you, but also speaks to many. It takes pondering. It takes time.

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How To Prepare For An International Trip

Preparing for a trip of any kind is met with all sorts of excitement and nerves, but preparing for an international trip can be especially challenging. Getting organized well before you depart can help you keep your pre-trip jitters at bay and allow you to spend your time thinking about the fun stuff.

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