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Patagonia Vacation Packing List

Outdoor Adventure Travel Patagonia

Packing for a trip can be an overwhelming task, especially when you’re headed out of the country – on a Patagonia vacation perhaps. Most people advocate for packing light but if you’re anything like me, this concept is merely inconceivable. Instead, I like to focus on packing appropriately. This means including all the necessary items

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What’s the best time to travel to Chile & the Patagonia?

Visit Chile South America

One of the first questions we’re asked regarding travel to any particular place is, “When is the best time to travel there?” The short answer is that the best summer weather in Patagonia and Chile is during the U.S. winter, making December, January, February and March ideal times for travel. This means the best time

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Miles

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m a hoarder. But, no, I don’t have some weird collection of dolls or cats. I hoard miles and I’m here to give you a couple tips on how to do the same. First off, don’t let one single flight go by without collecting your miles for it. You earned them!

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Money Matters in Chile

1000 Chilean Pesos

Today one U.S. dollar equals 484 Chilean pesos and of course exchange rates fluctuate, so check online before your trip to Chile – I like For those of you out there like me, quick math has never been my thing (especially when in a foreign language!) so the following is a little system I’ve

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Travel Tips: Gear is Good, Learning How to Layer

Learning How to Layer - South America Travel

Right photo via @eggcanvas on Instagram. Having been born and raised in Minnesota (where we exist in sub-zero conditions for the majority of the year) I actually did learn to layer before I could walk. This knowledge of layering clothing proved useful years later in South America where, with its variable climate, it’s smart to

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