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Parting Shots: Northern Patagonia Odyssey


    The Seviers travel by horseback, bike and sea kayak as they explore indigenous cultures, fjords and islands, and modern Chile on the Northern Patagonia Odyssey. Now is the best time of year to design your Patagonia experience with Knowmad.

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Parting Shots: Atacama Desert, Chile

Atacama Desert

    A big thank you to Ed & Suzette for these breathtaking shots from the Atacama Desert , Chile. Their itinerary included excursions to salt flats, geysers, petroglyphs, volcanoes and traditional altiplano villages. Returning to the lodge in the evening, poolside relaxation, gourmet cuisine with Chilean wine, and the world’s most vivid night sky were just what

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Parting Shots: Chile, South America

Chile, South America

  A warm thank you to the Ryan family for sharing their photos with us! Their custom itinerary in Chile, South America took them from the capital of Santiago in the central region to the southern tip of the continent – Torres del Paine National Park in the Patagonia.

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Parting Shots: South America

South America

  These fantastic nature shots by Knowmad travelers Wendy and Jay are in the running for the 2011 Knowmad Photo Contest. If you’ve traveled with us send in a few of your favorites from South America and you will be eligible to win!

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El Cliente: South America Travel

South America Travel

We recently said goodbye to our first client. Christopher hails from the sweltering bayous of Alabama, proudly wielding the moniker ‘Bama’, but he will forever go down in the halls of Knowmad Adventures as ‘el cliente’. His journey was an unforgettable one for him and monumental for us. After trying his hardest to miss a

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October 26th – Keeping up with the Jones’

Keeping Up With The Jones

  The perils of moving to foreign countries for extended periods of time are many. What in more geographically and culturally familiar locales would be straight-forward, simple, and free of pain, suddenly become as probable and enjoyable as juggling eggs while running on a beach ball down a New York city street during rush hour.

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October 17th – Chile

Chile Travel

Sitting next to Geoff, one of my longest and best friends, we bound along up and out of Santiago, into the exhilarating switchbacks that ascend so rapidly they might as well be an elevator. Santiago sits near sea level and snow-capped Andean peaks loom as high as 18,000 feet not far from the capital. Geoff

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